Product Review: British Army MTP Field Pack

by Paul Brook

The British Army MTP Field Pack is a bag on steroids. No matter what you want to use it for, its versatility will soon be making your life easier.

One of the first things that you notice about the British Army MTP Field Pack is its size expansion and reduction capabilities.

Along the front of the pack are two large heavy duty velcro pads that run the length of the pack. Two corresponding velcro pads within the lid can be placed anywhere along these tracks to increase or decrease the internal space. For added security, between the velcro pads are press-studs set at regular intervals affixed to MOLLE loops, adding even more choice.

Another feature that is found on the front side of the British Army MTP Field Pack is a double expansion zip, again allowing you to create a bespoke sized space for your items. The double expansion zips are connected with a zip pull, making the process simple to operate and time effective.

The lid of the British Army MTP Field Pack is opened by a flat pull tab that is integrated into the lid design, allowing for easy access and the potential to attach additional items.

Turning the pack around, the back holds four MOLLE loops and two press-stud belt webbing straps giving you the ability to attach the British Army MTP Field Pack to your waist, favourite bag, rucksack or other MOLLE supported system.

Two lightweight yet heavy-duty plastic D-Rings connect the quick release adjustable shoulder strap, while at the lower area of the pack there is an elasticated quick release thigh strap for increased comfort and stability.

On each outer side of the British Army MTP Field Pack there are removable pouches, each one connected to an eight loop MOLLE system. The pouches close using velcro, however, the velcro runs down two-thirds of the pouch, allowing you to reduce or expand the pouch capacity as you see fit. Within each pouch is a triple combination pen holder, large enough to store useful items and utensils.

Upon opening the lid into the spacious interior you are greeted by two elasticated straps that are ready to accept your items and keep them easily accessible. Another elasticated strap is attached to the back wall helping to compartmentalise the interior for easy storage and retrieval.

To the left of the internal space is a full-length pocket, on the right side there is the same full-length pocket that has been divided into two vertical compartments for two-thirds of its length. These internal pockets are a perfect size for storing long items that need to be stored in an upright manner that would otherwise rattle around inside the internal space of a bag.

Covering these internal pockets is a hinged piece of fabric that collapses over them when the lid is in a closed position and uncovers them when the lid is opened. This ‘hinge’ also helps the lid to close slowly, stopping you from constantly holding open the lid and losing the use of a hand.

When you buy the British Army MTP Field Pack you will be getting ease of access to your belongings even when dexterity may be an issue, such as in the cold or when wearing gloves.

You will also own a pack that conforms to your specific needs. Items rattling around in your pack and adding additional items (and increasing weight) to stop that rattle will be a thing of the past.

The British Army MTP Field Pack is not a copy, it’s the genuine army issue do not be fooled by imitations.

You can buy the MTP Field Pack in new or used condition British Army Issue 24hr Ration Pack directly from this site.

October 2015