Create a wish list. Share it with others. Keep as a reminder.

Seen things you like on Mean and Green but don't have the cash to buy? Well Wish Lists are a great way of keeping a note of those items. And when it comes round to Christmas or birthdays, then you can share that list with your friends and family. See below for our step-by-step to using this feature.

Add to your wish list Look for the new link underneath the ADD TO BASKET button on any product page. Click the link to add the item to your Wish List.
Build up a list Build up a list of the items that you'd like. You'll see them presented in a table with a photo, price, date added, etc.
Edit colour and size options If an item has colour or size options then click the little pencil icon to make your choices.
Save your chosen options Choose from the options in drop-down lists that appear and then press the OK button to save.
View full information You can now see this information along with the rest of the item's details.
Email to friends and family Use our handy tool to email your list to friends and family (or yourself). A wish list can be very welcome to people looking to buy presents as they know these are things you really want.
Add a personal note You can even add a note of your own to suck up to make the message more personal.
Wish List arriving in an inbox Your recipient's job of buying presents is then made a little easier when they find your wish list waiting for them in their inbox.

You also get a unique URL for your Wish List that you can email or post to social networks. This is shown just below the list of items on the Wish List page.