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Kendal Mint Cake
Kendal Mint Cake
Available in 85g and 170g bars, Kendal Mint Cake is famous the world over. As well as a delicious treat, it is often packed into survival kits carried by walkers and climbers as a high energy emergency food.
This is the original mint cake still manufactured in Kendal today. Consisting of sugar, glucose syrup, water and peppermint oil it provides a tasty energy source whenever you need it.
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Did you know?
Kendal Mint Cake gained worldwide fame when it was supplied to the 1914-1917 Transarctic Expedition under the command of Sir Ernest Shackleton. It was then given a further boost when the 1953 expedition to Everest received a supply of Mint Cake in high altitude packs - this was made possible by the factory workers willingly giving up their sweet ration coupons to comply with the law.