Product Review: Tactical Combat Trousers with Teflon Coating

by Sam Gravestock

Trousers are an essential part of the outdoor enthusiast's wardrobe - whilst some folk like shorts, anyone who finds themselves bashing through bracken, hiking along high points or pottering along forest paths knows the benefits of having a good solid pair of trousers on, protecting legs from everything from stinging nettles to ticks via brambles and bracken (and folk pointing and laughing at lily white legs).

It was with interest I received another exclusive to Mean and Green item of clothing - their Tactical Combat Trousers with Teflon Coating. Initial impressions when I opened the parcel were good: the build quality is impressive, features are carefully thought out and importantly the appearance was smart. Mean and Green Tactical combat trousers are available in regular and long leg lengths and standard waist measurements e.g. 32", 34", etc.

Reinforced Side Pockets
Side pockets with reinforced joints

The Mean and Green Tactical Combat Trousers feature an elasticated section on the waistband which allows for a good snug fit preventing any clothing tucked into it from escaping whilst still allowing unrestricted movement.

The trousers come with a heavy duty tactical belt included for free which is a nice extra and keeps the trousers where they should be. As the belt does not have a pronged buckle unlike most traditional leather belts it allows the nylon belt to tightened as little or a much as you wish. It also means the belt can be pressed into service in many other uses such as carrying a bundle of logs, strapping a bed roll together or an emergency tourniquet. The Tactical Combat Trousers have wide belt loops to accommodate this belt or another belt as you so desire.

Metal D-Ring
Metal D-Ring at waist

The Tactical Combat Trousers have a D-ring attached below the belt loop. This is most useful if you like to secure anything vital such as a fire steel, torch, compass or pocket knife on a lanyard to ensure it is not lost.

These trousers have a wide plethora of pockets - two hip pockets and two back pockets in the usual places, both having angled openings which actually increases the carrying capacity. They also feature a mobile phone pocket which will hold a smart phone however I prefer to use it to hold either a multi tool or a small fixed blade knife such as the Bear Grylls compact knife. There are also two bellow pockets which again increase the capacity on the thighs, these pockets have velcro closures which are easier to use in the cold than poppers or buttons.

Mobile Phone Pocket
Mobile phone pocket

Also featured are internal pockets for knee pads to increase comfort and prevent abrasions to the knees. These trousers are intended for professionals who need that feature not just folk who like practical clothing.

The Tactical combat trousers are made of a 60% cotton and 40% polyester blend which is quick drying but spark resistant so a good choice for the outdoors enthusiast, especially those who like to be out in all conditions or those who sit next to a campfire.

The Tactical combat trousers are treated with Teflon fabric protector which makes them water and dirt resistant. I appreciate that's quite a claim and so I decided as part of the review to put this to the test. After a weekend camping trip the trousers looked respectable if not pristine so it's a fair claim. As for water resistant this too is a fair claim - whilst not fully waterproof they definitely resisted showers and wet grass.

Tactical Combat Trousers with Teflon Coating
Tactical Combat Trousers with Teflon Coating

The Tactical Combat Trousers are also smart enough to wear for work as well as outdoor wear. Trust me, extra pockets come in handy for work too. They are much better value in comparison to a certain well-known brand that has three numbers as its name (you can probably guess).

I really like the Mean and Green Tactical Combat Trousers apart from the fact I need a short leg length (although the regular leg length isn't too long for me) and at the time of writing Mean and Green only do the trousers in black. Other than this I really cannot find anything to gripe about them.

You can buy the Tactical Combat Trousers with Teflon Coating directly from this site.

June 2013