Product Review: Red Hot Thermal Socks

Sam Gravestock feels the benefit of socks with a tog rating.

Cold feet! I can think of nothing worse when out and about than my feet feeling more like ice blocks than a part of me.

Usually when moving about this isnít a problem but once I stop moving for the night and start to set up camp once more the icy tendrils begin attacking my toes.

So it was with excitement I bought myself a pair of Red Hot Thermal Socks (I know I get excited about silly things I am a kit nerd).

How come I was excited about buying probably the least exciting piece of clothing? Because Red Hot thermal socks come with a tog rating! Something that usually only applies to duvets. In fact the Red Hot socks have a tog rating of 1.99, which whilst it might not seem a huge number is warmer than the summer duvet I sleep under.

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Red Hot Thermal Socks

So how are the socks manufactured to get a tog rating? Here is the information from the manufacturers:

1. High Bulk Yarn - special acrylic fibres have been chosen to maximise the thermal properties.

2. Super-Thick Cushioning - this provides added comfort as well as increasing heat retention.

3. Intensive Brushing - our intensive brushing technique means the fibres trap warm air close to the skin.

Quite impressive I think you will agree.

I must confess that personally I find these socks too warm for wearing when walking but I run quite hot most of the time. The way I use the Red Hot Thermal Socks is almost like a jumper for my feet. Once I stop for the night (or it's starting to get ridiculously cold) off come my boots and on go the Red Hot Thermal Socks over the socks I am already wearing then back on go the boots. This can occasionally be a struggle as the Red Hot socks are very thick but this isnít really a problem and certainly no real hardship in comparison to having toasty warm toes.

The other way I use the Red Hot socks is when I am bedding down for the night I put them on before getting into my sleeping bag secure in the knowledge that my feet and thus the rest of me will be warm and cosy all night.

I have done this for over a year now, camping out in temperatures as low as minus 15 degrees centigrade when there was ice forming on the inside (!) of my bivi bag but my feet remained warm throughout the night.

So why not treat your feet to their own duvet? These Red Hot thermal socks are one of the first (and occasionally the only) luxuries I pack whenever I get ready for an excursion. As we all know dry socks are an under-rated luxury but dry socks that are this warm are a little piece of heaven on a cold and frosty night.

These Red Hot Thermal Socks are so good I even bought my other half and step daughter a pair each.

You can buy the Red Hot Thermal Socks directly from this site.

February 2012