Product Review: Gerber Vise and Splice Multi-Tool Set

Sam Gravestock finds a few practical uses for this versatile tool from Gerber.

A Multi tool is something you always wish you had on you when you need one and never seem to have one, either limited by the fact the one you own weighs a tonne, takes up too much space or doesn't seem up to the job its required for.

Gerber Vise and Splice Multi-Tool Set
Creating a feather stick

However with the Gerber Vise and Splice multi tool sold as a double pack (excellent value in buying both in a double pack by the way) you are no longer in the predicament. Both come with a serrated blade and a more traditional pocket knife blade with a hollow grind.

Gerber Vise and Splice Multi-Tool Set
Whittling down wood

The Hollow grind also allows for very easy sharpening although they come more than sharp enough straight from the pack to produce decent feather sticks and minor whittling projects. The serrated blade allows for better cutting of some items like webbing and rope and again comes very sharp straight from the pack.

As well as the two blades both Vise and Splice come with Bottle Opener, small flat-head screwdriver, large flat-head screwdriver, Phillips screwdriver, fine file, coarse file - in fact they only differ in that the Vise has Pliers and the Splice has Scissors when folded open. At first some, for example the Phillips screwdriver, looked a little understrength but throughout the testing period I was very pleasantly surprised at how robust it actually is. In truth, I should not have been as it is manufactured from stainless steel and is a very rugged design. (Should you manage to damage them they are covered by a year guarantee for faulty workmanship by Gerber but I will be very surprised if you need to use it.)

Gerber Vise and Splice Multi-Tool Set
Comfort grip and easy handling

As well as the traditional uses for the tools such as putting together flat pack furniture, repairing glasses, opening beer bottles, cutting things and so on, I also had the chance to use them for more irregular uses such as removing broken glass from a work colleagues car window after it was broken into, punching a hole into a paint can whilst out camping to use the can in the making of char cloth and prising the paint can open once it had been used and gummed up by the soot build up within. Not to mention ad hoc repairs to residents' wheelchairs, re-tightening door handles around the house and many more things I cant remember.

At all times through the reviewing period the two tools stood up admirably to the tests I put them through. There was the occasional blip where through user error the spring loaded pliers or scissors pinged (for want of a better word) and didn't quite grip or cut what I wanted but as I say this was user error rather than a fault in the multi tools themselves.

Gerber Vise and Splice Multi-Tool Set
Shown next to a zippo lighter for size comparison

Did I mention that both of them have a keyring so you can attach one or both of them to your key chain? No? Well they do, and this I think is another great little addition as it means they will always be on your keys and thus always with you.

The main appeal of these tools for me is that they are small enough to fit in your pocket at all times which means you will have them with you when you want them. They take up a space in your pocket no bigger than a zippo lighter and weigh around the same, but have far more uses. The Splice is going to live in my first aid kit to replace the naff plastic handled scissors that are currently in there and the Vise will be a permanent pocket carry for day to day use.

So to sum up, the Vise and Splice are great tools, with well thought out features, nice light weight and compact to encourage you to actually carry them. The double pack means you get two great Multi tools for one very good price and peace of mind that you have some of the most rugged small multi tools about your person.

Gerber Vise and Splice Multi-Tool Set
The author's rabbit hutch - assembled with just the use of the Vise and Splice

You can buy the Gerber Vise and Splice directly from this site.

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May 2011