Product Review: MTP Combat Trousers (PCS Issue)

by Paul Brook

These genuine army issue MTP Combat Trousers are PCS (personal combat system) issue.

MTP in this instance is Multi Terrain Pattern; a camouflage that has been designed to be used many different types of locations while still providing the wearer with a good degree of concealment.

MTP Combat Trousers PCS Issue

Each of the hip pockets of the MTP Combat Trousers is mesh lined for increased ventilation. Aside the left hand trouser pocket is a zip closure pocket that is perfect for carry small objects securely.

The 3" wide belt loops allow the MTP Combat Trousers to accept a wide range of regular belts and specialised tactical belts.

As the MTP Combat Trousers are genuine British Army issue they are made of a strong hardwearing material. For added longevity the crotch and seat of the trousers have reinforced panels.

MTP Combat Trousers PCS Issue

On the rear of the trousers is a single pocket. The pocket is closed using a concealed button, stopping you from getting the button caught on things that you sit on or move past.

MTP Combat Trousers PCS Issue

A sizeable pocket on each leg of the MTP Combat Trousers allows you to carry items with you and the items are securely held in the pocket using a concealed button. These pockets are angled, allowing for easy access to each side without contorting the body.

MTP Combat Trousers PCS Issue

The ankle sections of the MTP Combat Trousers each have an ankle tie so that the bottom of the trousers can be closed off from the environment around you. This is especially beneficial for those travelling through thick shrub and tall grass to minimise the risks of parasite and other smaller creatures from attaching to you.

When nature becomes a place you spend most of your time, a pair of strong reliable trousers with a good deal of pocket space soon become apparent. When you consider the added stealthy nature of these MTP Combat Trousers it's easy to understand why the British Army want no other.

You can buy the MTP Combat Trousers PCS Issue directly from this site.

January 2016