Buyer's Guide: Body Armour

Below are some commonly asked questions regarding body armour.

Q: What material is it?
A: Most of our vests use a form of multi-layer kevlar - a light but strong synthetic fibre.

Q: What will they protect against?
A: Military and police issue vests tend not to come with specific ratings. Some of the vests do have labels with some additional information.

Q: Are they guaranteed to work?
A: We cannot offer guarantees on any of the used/issued vests - they are sold as seen.

Q: Won't bullet-proof also be stab-proof?
A: Some use material that specifically protects against either ballistic or knife threats, whereas some protect against both.

Q: What's a Frag Vest?
A: This is designed to protect against shrapnel from bomb blasts, etc.

Q: Do they come in different sizes?
A: Some do, but most are adjustable to fit a range of sizes.

Q: Are they legal to wear in the UK?
A: Yes, although you may be asked to justify why you feel the need to wear one.

Q: Are they legal to import and wear outside the UK?
A: Restrictions vary from country to country. You are advised to check this out before purchasing as we cannot accept any liability in this respect.

You can buy Bullet and Stab Proof Body Armour directly from this site.

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