Jungle Boots with Screened Eyelets
Jungle Boots with Screened Eyelets Jungle Boots with Screened Eyelets Jungle Boots with Screened Eyelets Jungle Boots with Screened Eyelets Jungle Boots with Screened Eyelets Jungle Boots with Screened Eyelets Jungle Boots with Screened Eyelets Jungle Boots with Screened Eyelets Jungle Boots with Screened Eyelets Jungle Boots with Screened Eyelets Jungle Boots with Screened Eyelets Jungle Boots with Screened Eyelets Jungle Boots with Screened Eyelets

Jungle Boots with Screened Eyelets

Product Ref: 02670.   Military Style - New
(18 reviews)
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Savage Island Combat Boots Black Leather Patrol, Black, 7 UK

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US Army Combat Vietnam Era Jungle Mens Boots Military Panama Sole, Men, olive,12 UK (46 EU )

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Further Information
Further Information
  • Leather toe, heel and lace area
  • Canvas and nylon upper
  • 8" high boot
  • 9 black aluminium eyelets
  • Rubber 'Panama' style anti-clog sole
  • Steel shank
  • Screened eyelets
  • One size 8 boot weighs approx 580g
Originally developed during World War II and then extensively worn by American troops in the jungles of Vietnam, these boots are still popular today. A lightweight summer boot, they have an anti-clog rubber sole with drainage holes and canvas uppers. These are excellent replicas of the original boots.
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Q & A's
Q & A's
Q: Do you sell any boots with the panama sole as slip ons , the reason I ask is , I do metal detecting as a hobby and the eyelets would set the machine off , I need the panama sole because I spend a lot of time on farmers fields , on normal boots they get clogged up really easy.
A: Sorry no, these are the only boots we have with the anti-clog panama sole.
Q: Whats the brand of the jungle boots? Is it Altama or Rothco?
A: These are our own brand, Mean and Green.
Q: Hi, whats the width like on these boots, I'm usually a uk 43/ wide 9. thanks
A: I have measured the bottom of the boot at the widest point and that measures approx 4 inches. I then measured across the top of the boot at the widest point and that measured approx 6 inches. This was taken from measuring size 9.
Q: I have always worn British military issue jungle boots and found them to be great. A couple of months ago though I bought some off the internet that had the American wellco label inside, and they were slightly higher and heavier and so caused problems with my achilles. Do you know if there are UK and US jungle boots? and if so do you know what type these are?
A: The UK jungle boots were based on the US version. These ones are our own label replicas of standard US issue jungle boots.
Q: Would you be able to tell me if these boots come in different width fitting please?
A: No, they are only available in regular width.
Q: do you have any insoles,the brit army ones or similar.
A: We do not have any British insoles in stock they have been discontinued. We have in stock at the moment fleece or foil insoles.
Q: These are UK sizes or U.S.
A: They are UK sizes.
Q: Can you run in these /are they good for assault course Tough Mudder type thing?
A: They are very flexible around the ankle and yet lace up tight so in that respect would be good for Tough Mudder. The sole won't be as flexible as a running shoe though, although the deep tread could prove useful!
Q: Are these boots made of plastic upper or leather?
A: They are leather and canvas.
Q: do you have different width sizes ie small, medium, wide
A: Sorry no, they are just regular width.
Q: hi im rely interested in buying a pair of these boots my only problem is are they US sizes or UK sizes as im 10m in UK standard issue assult boots could u help please
A: These are UK sizes.
Q: I bought some boots in this style from america quite a while ago, and although i love the style of them, they stink to high heaven, and i cannot have them in the house anymore- do yours "smell"- i know it sounds mad, but the smell on these is overpowering [some kind of insect replelent maybe??]
A: I have just sniffed a pair of these boots for you! There is a very feint smell of "new boots" as you'd expect but certainly nothing overpowering like you describe.
Q: Do these jungle boots have steel toe caps?
A: No none of the jungle boots have steel toe caps
Reviews (any views expressed are solely those of the reviewer)
Michael Myers Cosplay
For those who have watched Halloween (1978) , you'll know that Michael Myers wears the olive green Vietnam jungle boots. They are perfect for being Myers, Halloween or Cosplay.
Pros: Perfect colour replication, Brilliant replica boots
Cons: Bit uncomfortable when new, Hard to get on & off
Sizing: Feels about right
Would recommend: Yes
Reviewed by Rory McKinnell (Michael Myers fan) in Coventry

A good stop gap.
I wear boots often as I do a lot of walking both in urban and countryside environments. Also being a student photographer I carry around a lot of heavy equipment. I originally intended to purchase a pair of genuine US military tropical boots however they proved to be hard to find (at least in good condition). As a result I opted to purchase MeanandGreen's Jungle Boots as a stop gap until I could find a pair of genuine US military tropical boots. I've owned the boots for a while now and they are still serving me well. Visually (unless I am mistaken) the boots resemble the third issue of the US tropical boot with Panama tread, issued from 1968. I'll begin the review with the tread as when purchasing the boots this was one of my primary concerns. The size of the tread and how much of it would be in contact with a solid level floor lead to me having doubts about the boots grip performance in an urban environment. I needn’t have worried. On tarmac be it wet or dry and dusty the boots seem to have no problems griping at all. I have yet to try the boots on any muddy surfaces but they seem to grip well on grass as well. Also little wear can be seen on the tread despite being used extensively. I’d have to say the treads are pretty good on these boots. The body of the boots themselves are made from leather and canvas. Both the leather and the canvas sections of the boots have survived pretty well. I would recommend wearing the boots regularly after purchasing to loosen up the leather though. For me that took about two weeks before I was happy with the softness and pliability of the toe portion of the boot. I wasn’t sure what to expect from the canvas portion of the boots which had been given mixed reviews on Mean and Green’s website. My own personal verdict is that canvas has remained strong and fairly ware free up to now. I will leave my review on the general fitting of the boot to a later paragraph. One fairly universal criticism of the boots is the quality of the shoe laces. I am still using the original shoe laces with the boot. However very noticeable stress and fatigue can be seen on various points along the laces, which began to appear after about a week and a half of wearing. As a result I purchased spare laces just in case break. My advice would be to replace the laces or at least buy spares. Fitting is something that is of course unique to everyone, I personally prefer narrow fitting boots. I find the fitting of these boots to be a little wide for me. Perhaps the biggest issue is the fitment of the canvas section of the boot, even though I always tie the laces as tight as possible (which may have caused the ware to the laces). This results in the boots sliding back and forth whist walking and seems to have been responsible the slightly worn state of the inner soles. After months of searching I finally found a pair genuine US military tropical boots that looked almost unworn and cost about the same as the MeanandGreen boots. Overall I’d say the genuine US tropical boots are the clearly superior boot, mainly based on build quality and narrower fit. However I still regularly ware the MeanandGreen copies. They might not be excellent but they do the job. I have worn these boots several times for hours inside the simulated tropical environments of green houses and they work remarkable well and stay far cooler than my other more expensive (albeit no tropical) boots. If you’re looking for a pair of inexpensive warm weather walking boots then these could be the boots for you. Also if you aren’t prepared to spend months rummaging through lots of surplus US tropical boots in various Midland army surplus stores, or even if you’re looking for a stop gap until you find the boots you’re looking for I’d certainly recommend MeanandGreens tropical boots.
Pros: Good stop gap., Good quality leather, Grips well.
Cons: Weak laces.
Sizing: Feels large
Would recommend: Yes
Follow-up by Meanandgreen: Thank you for such a detailed review!
Reviewed by Bobby in Pheasey

Second time round perfect fit im a size 9 and i ordered a size 10 , i can spread my toes in them and my feet do not slip inside.comfortable , light weight and mine are well made , no tears rips or marks strong laces also warm ,
Pros: Good soles light weight warm
Cons: none
Would recommend: Yes
Reviewed by Terry day in Norfolk

Tore second time pulling them on. Don't bother.
Aesthetically the boots were pleasing and they were comfortable to wear but the tongue on the right boot tore clean through the second time I put them on. Little to no force was used, I was shocked they broke so easily. Don't bother buying these, the build quality is terrible. Get some from Amazon instead; if they turn out faulty at least they will replace your goods. I will not be shopping here ever again. Utterly disappointed.
Pros: None.
Cons: Awful build quality, Won't last a week
Sizing: Feels about right
Would recommend: No
Follow-up by Meanandgreen: Sorry to hear about the fault in these boots David. I was unable to find any order received under your name but if you'd like to contact us we can sort this out for you. It's not just Amazon that replaces faulty goods!
Reviewed by David Hughes in London

Great pair of boots
I ordered my jungle boots a week ago on standard delivery, to my delight they arrived the next day. These jungle boots are very light with a deep sturdy sole and very comfortable. I found them far better quality than the last pair of jungle boots I brought when I lived in Australia, and wished I had these boots when I hiked the Kokoda trail. Very pleased with the price of these boots, and they look great to
Pros: Great price, Comfy, Lightweight
Cons: none
Would recommend: Yes
Reviewed by Lotusflowerstorm in Southend-On-Sea

Pretty good.
I bought these for a jungle trek and general use for a month long expedition to Malaysia. I spent a long time researching what would be best and went for these, as I couldn't find the 'perfect boot' but they fit the bill mostly and the price was great. They broke in quickly, werecomfortable and had an excellent grip. The tongue on one of them was ripped/frayed (this made me think they were ex army or seconds) and the other one didn't seem very strong so I was careful with it, otherwise in perfect condition. I'm a 9.5 UK size and went for a ten, a good fit, if a bit snug at first. (To break them in, I soaked them in water and wore them for a day with 'Thousand Mile Socks', worked a treat.) The laces on one boot frayed after a couple of weeks. On the whole I'm happy with the purchase, they certainly did what I wanted although I wouldn't be so happy if I'd payed more. I think they look good too. A lot of people discussed the footwear they'd bought and many said they'd have bought some of these if they'd known about them.
Pros: Very reasonable price, Look good, Great grip, Comfortable
Cons: Tongue rips easily, Laces don't last long
Sizing: Feels about right
Would recommend: Yes
Reviewed by KD in Stamford

Bad manufacturing.
I got these out and tried them on, only to find that the ankle strap on the right instep was a full 1/2 inch longer than the left! The sole was also nowhere near stiff enough, compared to some I saw elsewhere, and the material felt very flimsy.
Pros: Looked good, Prompt delivery, Decent sizing
Cons: Too flimsy, Bad quality control
Sizing: Feels about right
Would recommend: No
Reviewed by Charlie in Uk

Never use any other boot
Best boots ive ever owned, and perfect for cadet duties, not only around detatchment, but also on Salisbury plains! vents keep feet cool, though try not to step in puddles, and sole thin enough to feel ground underfoot, but thick enough to be rock-proof. Also, you can polish the side of the sole to a high shine.
Pros: Lightweight, Waterproof, Warm
Cons: none
Sizing: Feels about right
Would recommend: Yes
Reviewed by Andy carr in Gosport

Ok but not the best.
To be fair they are flexible and light which is great for running in dry/damp conditions, there also very easy to clean and get mud from the soles because of the way there designed. The problems occur when you go through very wet and muddy conditions the boots soak pretty easy and the soles which are supposed to grip in mud don't grip well to be honest. Also one of my boots sole came clean off the other day even though I've been looking after them very well so id say the materials are inferior to standard army assault boots, so if you need a cheap boot for light work and dossing about in buy these but if your doing running/adventurous stuff in harsh terrain go for something like assault boots.
Pros: Light, Good for warm/humid wether, Flexable, Easy to clean, Cheap
Cons: Poor quilty materials, Get soaked very easily
Sizing: Feels about right
Would recommend: No
Reviewed by LR in Nottinghmashire

Not great
Received a size 8 (my size) but these were like a size 7 so were too small. Thought the size label was wrong but appears maybe other people have had the same experience. However, although the materials will result in the boot being comfortable that's the beauty of the original design and not the quality of the materials used but in comparison to toughness and durability these appear very poor. Interestingly enough, these boots are advertised with a steel shank in the sole yet the sole can be doubled over, impossible to do with a sole with a steel shank. have spent similar money on unissued service jungle boots which are far superior in quality in every way. The quality of these would definitely identify them as copies and would not give the durability of a service jungle boot. But depends on what you want in a boot.
Pros: Very cheap insoles (con), Lightweight
Cons: Wrong sizing even tho UK sizing?, Cheap canvas not the right nylon, No steel shank, Lacks robust stitching, Poorer quality materials
Would recommend: No
Reviewed by Mark677 in Hull

Best buy ever
I brought these boots to do alot of hiking and walking and for the first time ever i did not have to break these boots in i started walking in them on day one for 3 hrs and am up to five hours know and the boots have not let me down
Pros: Light and comfy, Pracitical
Cons: none
Would recommend: Yes
Reviewed by Frank salter in Wolverhampton

Very, very small sizing
As soon as I opened the box I knew the boots weren't going to fit. I'm a size 10 but opted for an 11 to allow for extra width. Unfortunately I couldn't fit my foot even part way into the boot - I would estimate the size 11 to be similar to a size 9 in the high street. A great shame as they felt to be of good quality and are an excellent price.
Pros: Quality, Price
Cons: VERY small sizing
Sizing: Feels small
Would recommend: Yes
Reviewed by Hairy Celt in Douglas, Isle of Man

So comfortable
I only bought these bought these boots today and can honestly say I already fell in love with them. They feel so comfortable. One of the best pair of boots I ever owned so far. They seem so strong.
Pros: Lightweight, Comfortable, Strong
Cons: none
Would recommend: Yes
Reviewed by Nikki in Wolverhampton

Surprisingly good
I wanted to get a pair of boots that were usable in warm weather rather than feeling like you've got portable saunas on your feet. I looked at the Lowa and Altberg jungle boots but thought these were worth a punt for the price. I was surprised by how good these are, they needed very little breaking in and after only a week are now doing daily 5 mile walks and feel like slippers. Ideally, they could do with more ankle support, even when using ladder lacing, but otherwise they're perfect for anything you can throw at them in the warmer months.
Pros: Good grip on all surfaces, Dry quickly when wet, Keep your feet cool and dry, Next to no breaking in, Very comfortable
Cons: Let water in quite easily, Not much ankle support , Only suitable in warm weather
Sizing: Feels about right
Would recommend: Yes
Reviewed by George in North West

Very happy
I'm thrilled to have a pair of these again, just like i remember when i had a pair years ago
Pros: Good sole, Light, Comfy
Cons: none
Would recommend: Yes
Reviewed by Mark H in Liverpool

Good boots
Nice n lightweight n comfy
Pros: Lightweight, Good value, Comfy
Cons: none
Would recommend: Yes
Reviewed by Jellybean in Glasgow

Comfy boots
I love these boots, they are the most comfortable boots i've ever owned. The fabric on the sides makes them flex with your ankle but they are still sturdy enough. I wear them to work as i'm on my feet all day and these are just the ticket as my feet don't sweat so much in these!
Pros: Flex with ankle, Lightweight, Comfy, Don't sweat
Cons: none
Would recommend: Yes
Reviewed by TopMan in Stevenage

Good if you know what to expect
I served in the British army myself and had a few pairs of these in my time, so I was pretty sure what to expect. I wasn't disappointed when they arrived as although they are definitely replicas they are a pretty faithful copy of the originals i remember from my army days. But these are not your typical boots, so if youre looking for a general purpose boot for work etc then these may not be for you. But if you know and love jungle boots like i do then you won't be disappointed. Delivery was quick and I'm happy to have a pair on my feet again, thanks M+G.
Pros: Comfy, Just as i remember, Lightweight
Cons: Not your usual type of boot, Not genuine issue
Would recommend: Yes
Reviewed by Paul J in Bradford

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