New British Army Soldier 95 Shirt
New British Army Soldier 95 Shirt New British Army Soldier 95 Shirt New British Army Soldier 95 Shirt New British Army Soldier 95 Shirt

New British Army Soldier 95 Shirt

Product Ref: 02422.   Military Issue - New
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Further Information
Further Information
  • Brand new genuine issue from British army
  • Lightweight polycotton
  • DPM camouflage
  • 2 chest pockets with button closure
  • 2 buttons on sleeves
  • Rank tab
  • Canadian style buttons
These shirts are genuine issue from the British military, and are of the older DPM camouflage pattern which has since been replaced by MTP.
Made of 67% polyester and 33% cotton, these shirts are lightweight, durable and comfortable to wear. The shirt features zip and buttons at the front which provide a choice of fastening methods. Sleeves feature two buttons and there are two button up chest pockets, as well as a button up rank tab.
This camouflage pattern is no longer worn by British forces, but still has a firm place in concealment. DPM can actually be suited a lot better to predominantly green forest and woodland areas than MTP which is designed to camouflage fairly well in both green and desert areas; DPM is designed to camouflage extremely well in green areas, but green areas only. For this reason, it is still extremely popular for hunting, fishing, airsoft, paintball, wildlife watching as well as for any other camouflaging purposes in green countryside.
Reviews (any views expressed are solely those of the reviewer)
Going Green
If you're considering buying some camoflauge gear for use in the UK look no further. This shirt is made out of a hard wearing fabric that seems to withstand all but the most serious of damage. The shirt is neither wind proof nor waterproof but this works in its favour as it alows air to circulate around your body while doing physical activities (an area in which this shirt excels). Although this is now obsolete camoflauge (not issued anymore) it stands up to MTP very well and often works better in dark wooded areas. This makes the shirt perfect for activities such as airsofting and paint balling. My shirt has lasted me a long while and has survived some pretty demanding environments despite it being used when I got it.The one problem that I really have with the shirt is the fact that the exposed buttons can often get caught on stuff such as netting and foliage. Overall, I would recommend this shirt to anyone who wants to take up airsofting/paint balling or just needs a shirt for outdoor pursuits.
Pros: Lightweight, Genuine issue, Allows air circulation, Good qaulity material, Works well in woodland
Cons: Buttons can get caught, Takes a while to dry if wet
Sizing: Feels about right
Would recommend: Yes
Reviewed by Adam in Stockton-on-Tees, UK
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