58 Pattern Sleeping Bag
58 Pattern Sleeping Bag 58 Pattern Sleeping Bag 58 Pattern Sleeping Bag 58 Pattern Sleeping Bag 58 Pattern Sleeping Bag 58 Pattern Sleeping Bag 58 Pattern Sleeping Bag 58 Pattern Sleeping Bag 58 Pattern Sleeping Bag

58 Pattern Sleeping Bag

Product Ref: 00026.   Military Issue - Used
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Further Information
Further Information
  • Down and feather filled mummy style
  • Drawstring hood
  • Strong full length zip and toggle front
  • Oversized insulated draft tube
  • Nylon shell with waterproof rubberised bottom and hood
  • Conveniently rolls up into the waterproof hood
  • Carry handle
  • 17'' x 10'' x 8'' when packed
  • Weighs only 2.5kg
  • 4 Seasons, rated to -12°C (10°F)
The 58 pattern sleeping bag is a classic. This genuine military issue bag definitely deserves its reputation for comfort and warmth. Tried and tested in the army by troops, it's great for fishing, hiking, festivals and general camping trips especially in cold conditions.
This bag is very versatile due to the waterproof bottom which is like a built-in groundsheet. It can be used conventionally inside a tent, or can be slept in directly on the ground in summer nights with or without the use of bashas, tarpaulin and/or other shelters.
It tips the scales at above average weight these days at 2.5kg but the small sacrifice of pack size and weight is easily made up for in comfort and warmth. Having said that, it will still fit inside a decent sized rucksack.
Whatever you're planning, this is a serious bit of kit not to be overlooked!
Q & A's
Q & A's
Q: I used one of these for years and have owned and washed more than one. I found that washing with Nikwax down wash worked. The trick is always with the drying. Allow most of the water to drip out, then tumble dry, preferably with a tennis ball (or similar) in with it. This will retain the loft. They can also be pepped up in the same way if they don't really need the wash.
A: Thanks for the great advice!
Q: does this bag require to be used with a liner.
A: It is not essential to use a liner with this sleeping bag, however you can if you wish to.
Q: is this sleeping ok for useing for my carp fishing.
A: Yes, it would be fine.
Q: My dad has two of these had them was his army issue many many years ago over the years I have used them to go camping I have even had a few nights under the stars the bottom works well as a ground sheet I would recommend this bag to any one as I have
A: Thanks for the recommendation.
Q: Do they need washing before use or have they been cleaned
A: We sell them as we receive them so you may wish to wash before use.
Q: Hi It says it new is that wright
A: It doesn't say new, it says used.
Q: I use lux pure soap flakes to wash my down stuff on wool setting in washing machine with no loss of performance .
A: Thanks for letting us know.
Q: Is the -12 degrees rating the 'survival' temperature or 'comfort'?
A: That's the extreme, survival, temperature.
Q: Do you ever get sick of answering the same q's ;)
A: We love answering the same questions time and time again....!
Q: Would this be suitable for a Kilimanjaro climb I am doing in February ? I need a 3 season one so I think so, just wanted to check.. We'd be in tents so waterproofing is not required.
A: Yes, this is a 4 season bag suitable for temperatures down to -12 degrees C.
Q: Is the compression sack included with the sleeping bag?
A: Not a compression sack as such, but the bag rolls into its own hood for ease of carrying.
Q: Is the bag waterproof or would i need a bivibag as well?
A: It is not fully waterproof so a bivi is a good idea.
Q: Are you able to tell me the measurements of this bag, especially the width at widest point?
A: It tapers from 32 inches at the top to 22 inches at the bottom.
Q: Do people ever read the advert before they ask a question?
A: Rarely.
Q: Can you tell me what the weight is please?
A: 2.5kg
Q: Do you have the long versions available? Or are these standard size?
A: These are standard size.
Q: Are these sleeping bags machine washable?
A: As they are feather-filled, you should have them professionally cleaned.
Q: Is it second hand?
A: Yes, it is grade 1 ex-army used condition.
Q: What cold temperature do these go down to? Also can you please tell me how small they compress to?
A: They go down to -12 degrees. They pack down to 17x10x8 inches.
Q: Is there any damage to the bag at all?
A: No these are grade 1 - clearly used but no damage (or occasional minor damage will have been repaired).
Reviews (any views expressed are solely those of the reviewer)
As good as new tech
I got caught out (2 days early for train) so had 2 nights outside .bought a £25 gelert 400..cheapest digs £50 a night.!..now I've had my 58 bag 10+yrs...and survived 0c to -5 AVG for a week with no tent and got 6hrs undisturbed (with fleece and thermals on.no boots) The gelert got me down to an uncomfortable -2 but waking every other hour..I'd rather carry my old maggot about and get the ..the mid priced modern bags are lightweight in more than one way..but then you'll need to pack a tent !!
Pros: Hardy under the stars kit..
Cons: Slightly heavier and bulkier , Handwashing and outdoor dry time
Would recommend: Yes
Reviewed by Duzzit Reilly in Cornwall

Still the best
Was issued one of these in the military back in the 80's, bought one surplus when I left and still use it today, I live in Canada now and hunt in the fall. temp can drop to -20C in the mountains but with long John underwear, wool socks and a woolly hat, no problems. I throw a blanket over then bag and keep my clothes between the blanket and bag and there is enough warmth to keep your day clothes from getting cold
Pros: Keeps the damp out, Warm
Cons: Heavy
Would recommend: Yes
Reviewed by Martin in British Columbia Canada

Beats everything else...Hands down!
I've had my 58 bag for many years and it never lets me down. The zip still works, the bag has retained it shape over the years, and the rubberised underside is a bonus. Get yourself one of these...it won't disappoint.
Pros: Comfortability 100%, Warm, Compact, Lightweight, Ideal camping item
Cons: none
Would recommend: Yes
Reviewed by Bones in Gourock, Scotland.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION !! Cleaning the 58 pattern sleeping bag
This is VERY IMPORTANT information regarding the 58 pattern sleeping bag. First of all, DON'T even attempt to wash one of these at home, unless you are fortunate enough to own an industrial size washing machine AND tumble dryer !!!. The main problem with these Down bags is that over time, the down becomes compressed which prevents the down from lofting and trapping warm air as it should. HOWEVER..I f you send the bag to be PROFESSIONALLY washed and DRIED by experts it will re/loft amazingly like new. DOWN has to be specially cleaned for it to work as it should and WILL keep you warmer than ANY man made fibre by a long way. I know because i've tried most of them and at -22. The down was much warmer. Synthetic sleeping bags compress and STAY compressed after time meaning they've had it. If you don't believe me..check your synthetic pillows at home !! They go as flat as a pancake Result being..buy new pillows. These Down and feather sleeping bags, if cleaned properly will last for years. Mine is 30 years old and performs fantastically well after it's been cleaned which is twice a year. If you must wear clothes in your sleeping bag, wear clean fresh socks just for sleeping in only. Merino wool T shirt and thermal leggings in sub zero temperatures. The army lads had to sleep in these with wet cloths and boots on which is why they become useless and the main reason they changed to synthetic bags. If you place a fleece liner inside your bag and then a gortex bivvy on the outside, you will be as warn as toast. Honestly. Also buy Large size if over 5ft 10ins
Pros: Very warm
Cons: Heavyish.
Would recommend: Yes
Reviewed by Skirky dave in Sheffield

Great sleeping bag
Its an amazing bag, not really much else to say really. It has kept me warm and has just that little bit of room to move around in. saying that though it is a bit expensive as £50 used is not that brilliant because I could go out and get a civilian bag for cheaper but I wanted a genuine.
Pros: WARM, Rubberized bottom provides grip, Surplus space inside
Cons: Too expensive since its used
Would recommend: Yes
Reviewed by Ollie in Worcestershire, UK

This is the business
This is a great item to add to my winter bushcraft activities, the one I received is in excellent working order and for the price you cant beat it. Somebody mentioned they had difficulty packing the bag away, this was not a problem in my case in fact it was packed away with ease. The postage service Mean and Green operate seems to work fine, I ordered Sunday night and received the item Tuesday around 2pm.
Pros: Good for carp fishing activities, Warm, Durable, Strong
Cons: none
Would recommend: Yes
Reviewed by Freemanuk in Everywhere

Nice Item
Initially mine arrived and the zip kept separating. I contact M & G who quickly sent out a returns label. After looking on the web I realised that the zip was must- sharpen. After a small squeeze with a pair of pliers everything was fine. This is my first experience of these bags and my only concern would be the temperature rating. The bag seems quite thin so I'm not sure I would use it in -12 but otherwise I'm fairly happy
Pros: none
Cons: none
Would recommend: No
Reviewed by Mifty12 in Brighton

Really nice example of the type
Mine arrived today, very quickly after my order. Having seen a few scabby ones about, this one is in excellent A+ order and looks hardly used. Although you can get them cheaper elsewhere, the price was, in my view, well worth it. I am 6' tall and fit in fine. Roll on summer nights.
Pros: Good delivery speed and cost, No real wear or repairs, No thinning of filling, Excellent example of the maggot
Cons: Bulky by modern standards
Would recommend: Yes
Reviewed by Kitman in South Devon

Would Recommend To All
Being an outdoors person i try to keep all my gear sorted and have a spare in just about anything. This sleeping bag is ideal as a spare, whether i dont have my other, or a friend needs to borrow one its been up to the challenge in all conditions. From cold, hot and those times when the weather can't make its mind up. Had mine cleaned at the dry cleaners and the stuffing inside held together well.
Pros: Easy To Store, Waterproof Backing, Fairly Light
Cons: none
Would recommend: Yes
Reviewed by Jack57 in North Yorkshire

Best sleeping bag
As a kid I used my dad's army issue one and as an adult I now use my boyfriends. This is warm enough for 2 of us to use just on top of us in the summer. I will be getting my own shortly for our winter adventures. Highly recomend. Other sleeping bags pale in comparison. I feel the cold easily and this one is toasty warm and practical
Pros: Provides tickling feathers, Worth the space it takes up, Warm, Easily stored, Comforting
Cons: Takes up space in rucksack, Minor feather leakage
Would recommend: Yes
Reviewed by Dobby in London

Bought this for my camping tour of Scotland having used one back in the day. Does what it is supposed to - keeps you warm and allows you to sleep when its cold. Highly recommended. Exceptional condition. Well chuffed!!
Pros: Comfortable, Warm
Cons: none
Would recommend: Yes
Reviewed by Seat in Pershore

Hardwearing, warm, does what it says on the tin
Bought a new "maggot" from M&G a few months back to use on Dartmoor in midwinter. Brought back the memories of being stabbed by feather quills in the morning ! Warm, very hardwearing, can't go wrong. Only downside to these is that the feathers tend to migrate to the sides of the bag overnight leaving a colder patch along the zip...just give it a good shake to make sure that the filling's near the top before zipping up. Also bulky compared to a modern bag. I tend to use a surplus compression sack to transport in.
Pros: Rolls up into own bag, Hardwearing, waterproof base, Warm
Cons: Bulky compared to modern bags
Would recommend: Yes
Reviewed by Steve in Plymouth

My boyfriend got me one of these bags a few weeks ago, and I got to use it for the first time this weekend. It kept me completely warm even when temperatures outside the tent seem to be in minuses!
Pros: Good condition, Waterproof, Really warm
Cons: none
Would recommend: Yes
Reviewed by Stacey Jones in Shelfield

Well worth having
Still use mine from my Army days in the early 90's, Warm, can be rolled up very quickly with abit of practise, advice dont leave it rolled up when not in use, it can lead to the down being too compacted over time, other than that a Great sleeping bag
Pros: Very Warm and comfortable
Cons: none
Would recommend: Yes
Reviewed by Andy in Hartlepool

Very Warm
Great sleeping bag. Keeps you very warm whilst sleeping outside. It can be a bit difficult to put it back in its little bag, but overall really pleased
Pros: Very Warm
Cons: Hard to put away
Would recommend: Yes
Reviewed by Jeff in Wales

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