Camouflage Fabric

£8.00        Product Ref: 00011
  • High quality durable fabric
  • 65% polyester / 35% cotton
  • DPM camouflage pattern
  • Sold per metre in a continuous length
  • 148cm width
  • Great for making kids items

This is Mean and Green's very own camouflage fabric in DPM. It is a high quality durable fabric with a blend of 65% polyester and 35% cotton.

Your imagination is the limit when it comes to what it can be used for. Over the years of selling this product we have had people use it for making curtains, pillowcases, cushion covers, items of clothing, tablecloths and kids dens. It has also been used for covering sheds and other furniture, as well as on some roofs.

This is sold by the metre in a continuous length, depending on how much is required. Just add your required quantity of metres to your basket.

The width of the fabric is approximately 148cm.

Approx weight of 1m length is 300g.

Grade: Civilian Issue - New

Available Colours:

  • British DPM camouflage

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Would this fabric be any good for covering my air gun around the barrell and scope?
A: It could be used for this purpose, although you may prefer to use one of our sniper veils or scrim nets.
Q: Can you tell me if this fabric is waterproof I wish to make a wild life watching hide from it.
A: Sorry, no.
Q: I would like to know if this fabric is fire reretardant, and if not would you fire retard?
A: It is not fire retardant, and we do not have the facility to do this.
Q: Is this IRR treated? Also is this the most current DPM color scheme, not the 84 camouflage pattern.
A: It is not IRR treated, and is similar but not identical to the current DPM.
Q: What is the weight of this material? is it 11oz/1000 Denier? Is this material better used for Jackets, shirts, pants etc., or would it be better for pouches-utility, ammo, water, etc.,?
A: This is a lightweight material and so would be more suitable for something like a shirt.
Q: I am looking for a length of material the same as webbing pouches. I appreciate this is not that material but do you stock or procure tis material?? It is for upgrades to my current webbing.
A: Sorry, this is the only fabric we stock.
Q: Is this product waterproof?
A: No
Q: My 8 yr old son is army mad so doing his b/room in the desert colours is the material big enough to make a set of curtains 66" wide 72" drop, as i have looked all over and can't find any please help.
A: The width of the fabric on the roll is 1.5m which is 59". You can then buy as many metres in one continuous length as you need.
Q: i'm looking for camo fleece material. Do you stock this? if so, how much is it a metre please.
A: Sorry, we don't stock camo fleece material.
Q: What is the polyester to cotton ratio of this fabric? 65/35, 50/50, or something else?
A: It is 65% polyester / 35% cotton.
Q: hello can i get about 60ft longx 5or6ft high
A: The width of the roll is 1.48m which is approx 4 ft 10 inches. And then you would need to order a quantity of 18 metres which is approx 60 feet.

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