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Blakeys Back in Stock
Blakeys range of cast iron hob nails and plates are still manufactured in a British cast iron foundry over 100 years after they were first developed. From heel and toe plates to hob nails and classic shoe protectors, we stock the full range to choose from. Visit any of the links below for more info.
Blakeys Flat Top Hob Nails
Flat Top Hob Nails
Classic iron hob nails with a flat finish. Just £5 per set of 26.
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Blakeys Textured Boot Studs
Textured Boot Studs
A textured finish for extra grip. Just £5 per set of 26.
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Blakeys Treble Clover Hob Nails
Treble Hob Nails
3-in-1 hobs in a clover pattern. Just £6 per set of 26.
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Blakeys Heal and Toe Plates
Heel and Toe Plates
For the ultimate protection. Sizes Small to XL. Just £10 per set.
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Blakeys Shoe Protectors
We also stock Blakeys shoe protectors. These are available in a range of sizes and are also available in a rubber material to prevent damage to flooring. Just £4 per pack. Buy Now →
Blakeys Adverts
Blakeys "Segs", or segments of metal, were invented in 1880 by John Blakey in Yorkshire. Since then, millions of these nifty little shoe savers have been sold. And they are still produced in a British foundry all these years later.