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Alpha Industries
Back in 1959 Alpha Industries began its operations making military clothing in the basement of a rented Knoxville, Tennessee factory using leased sewing machines and only a few employees. In recent years, Alpha has taken its 50+ year old heritage and grown into an internationally recognized global brand for military inspired casual wear.
Alpha garments have a real quality look and feel to them and make perfect Christmas gifts. Check out our range of classic Alpha jackets below.
Alpha Industries MA1 Flying Jacket
Alpha MA1 Flight Jacket
This is Alpha's truly iconic flight jacket - often copied but never duplicated.

With 57 separate sewing operations involved in making the MA-1 it is a high quality jacket that really looks the part. Features a water-repellent nylon outer shell and knitted collar, waistband and cuffs.

Buy the Alpha MA1 now for £110
Alpha Industries M65 Field Jacket
Alpha M65 Field Jacket
The workhorse of American infantry outerwear for the past four decades.

Generously sized, these jackets feature plenty of pockets, a concealed hood in the collar and a heavy brass-zippered front closure.

Buy the Alpha M65 Jacket now for £125
Alpha Industries ALS/92 Liner
Alpha ALS/92 Liner
The ALS/92 Liner buttons into the M65 jacket and enhances its warmth and comfort.

Unlike other liners, this one can also be reversed and worn separately as a lightweight jacket.

Buy the Alpha ALS/92 Liner now for £60
Alpha Industries N3B Parka
Alpha N3B Parka
Alpha's ultimate cold weather parka designed to keep you warm.

The N3B was developed for crew personnel subjected to extreme cold climates so it will be sure to keep you toasty warm during the winter months.

Buy the Alpha N3B Parka now for £159 - Order Hotline 01902 423868