MTP Camo Clothing

Army Trousers, Shirts and Jackets

MTP camo clothing is currently worn by the British army and air force. MTP stands for Multi-Terrain Pattern and was developed by the UK MOD and was based on the similar Multicam used by US forces. The MTP uniform items below are all genuine issue from the British army.

MTP uniform is available in the earlier CS95 (Combat Soldier '95) pattern and PCS (Personal Clothing System) pattern. As well as the military, these are worn by army and air cadets and CCF. These are genuine army surplus combat trousers and shirts available in new and used condition.

Why the change from the older camouflage patterns to MTP? In the past, the British army used two types of DPM (Disruptive Pattern Material) camo patterns - woodland and desert. The woodland camo was particularly good at camouflaging in green areas whereas the desert was good in sandy areas. But both were hopeless outside of the terrain they were designed for. MTP camo was introduced in an attempt to create a more universal camouflage - one that did a reasonably good job in any environment soldiers may find themselves.

After some initial doubts, MTP camo has gained popularity and has proven itself to be an effective means of camouflage in the field. MTP camo items are now not just bought by the military but they are also popular with civilians for fashion and re-enactment groups. Now recognised the world over - British MTP camo