Product Review: Web-Tex Surviva-Pure Water Purifiers

Water, water everywhere... and now you can drink it - as John Fenna finds out with the Surviva-Pure Water Purification

It is always good to have enough water on you, but sometimes it is not feasible to carry all you need and local supplies may be suspect. This is when carrying a water purification system comes into play and is effective. I have recently been trying out the new Surviva-Pure water purifiers from Web-Tex and have found them very useful.

There are 3 items in the range at the moment a Water Bottle, an In-Line Unit (to fit in a water bladder's drinking hose) and a 'Survival Straw'. All use the same filtration/purification system tested to exceed MOD specifications.

This system carries a 90-day unconditional guarantee and the filters are designed to clog before the purification is exhausted!

This filtration is designed and tested to remove all the bad stuff, from bad tastes, pathogens, chemicals, heavy metals etc., and even Radon 222.

I cannot say that I have the equipment to test all these claims but I haven't got sick while using the products! The filters certainly remove silts and reduces unpleasant tastes considerably. This I tested with chlorine tablets made up to undrinkably high concentration - the filters made the water very drinkable!

Each of the products has its own special features which give it a unique role.

Surviva-Pure In-Line Filter
Surviva-Pure In-line Filter

The In-Line Filter is obviously great if you use a water bladder/drinking hose hydration system, but can also be used as a static gravity feed purifier and even comes with a tap adaptor so the filter can work direct from the plumbing. The Water Bottle works on a 'squeeze/suck' system with the filter and drinking nozzle built into the cap so you can drink straight from the bottle. The bottle has a wide neck for easy filling.

Surviva-Pure Survival Straw
Surviva-Pure Survival Straw

The Survival Straw comes in a protective case which includes a screw top compartment which allows you to carry water purifying tablets as well (if you think you need 'em!) and the base of the straw has a compartment for inserting a coarse filter (i.e. a bit of moss or sponge) if you think it needed. There is also a sealable poly bag in which to collect your water so you do not need to lie down over your water source to drink!

Surviva-Pure Water Bottle
Surviva-Pure Water Bottle

The Water Bottle (reminiscent of a US water bottle) holds 850 ml and the filter can purify up to 1,600 litres of water (or 12 glasses a day for 12 months); the In-Line Filter can also deal with up to 1,600 litres and the Survival Straw up to 200 litres.

The 'flow rates' on the units are good (at least when new) and the systems are simple to use. The prices are reasonable, with the Survival Straw costing £24.50, the In-Line filter £39.95 and the Water Bottle £44.95.

This article appeared in the February 2009 issue of Gun Mart, and is reproduced here with permission.

You can buy Surviva-Pure products directly from this site.

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