Product Review: Web-Tex LED Angle Torch and Flashlight

Styled on the mini version of the military angle torch, this LED Angle Torch replaces fragile filament bulbs and fiddly filters with LEDs - both white and coloured - to provide a robust and versatile lighting tool.

Measuring some 15cm tall and 4.5cm wide at its widest (including the clip), this torch runs off 6AAA batteries (included) that give approximately 100-120 hours of light with a light range of up to 30m, as well as generous area lighting coverage.

Webtex LED Angle Torch
Web-tex LED Angle Torch and Flashlight

A black 3-position side mounted slide switch gives the option of on, off or flash, while a wheel switch mounted above this allows you the choice of white light (3 LEDs for greatest strength of light) or red, green or blue LED lights (each using 1 LED) for other tasks, such as map reading without destroying your night vision, highlighting animal spoor etc.

The body of the torch is made from tough, smooth olive green polycarbonate plastic and the lens housing and butt cap incorporate "O" ring seals, giving the LED Angle Torch a measure of water resistance, while the clip on the back of the torch allows it to be clipped on to your clothing for "hands-free" working and (if you don't mind losing the torch's free-standing ability) you can fit a lanyard to the base cap for security.

As the LED Angle Torch weighs only about 100gms including batteries, you could say that it belongs in the "light light" category (sorry, can't resist puns!) and it is a versatile, useful and handy lighting tool.

This article appeared in the October 2007 issue of Gun Mart, and is reproduced here with permission.

You can buy LED angle torches directly from this site.

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