Product Review: Highlander M.50 Rucksack

by Paul Brook

The Highlander M.50 Rucksack is a rugged yet comfortable bag that provides the wearer with advanced storage options.

Unlike a great deal of hiking bags on the market the Highlander M.50 Pack has large undivided internal spaces. This allows for bigger and bulkier items to be carried and really allows you the full fifty litre capacity without compromise.

The measurements for the Highlander M.50 Rucksack are 55cm x 35 cm x 25cm and it weighs 1.2 kg.

Highlander M.50 Rucksack

When trying on the Highlander M.50 Rucksack for the first time it soon becomes obvious that the notion of comfort was very much at the forefront of the design team. Padded waist and shoulder straps along with a padded back rest ensure that you never feel digging, slicing or uncomfortable feelings.

Highlander M.50 Rucksack

The comfort levels don't stop there as the bag itself has been designed for load carrying placement, sitting higher than other packs do. This can feel strange initially, but only due to using non-load carrying bags in the past. The mobility and comfort that this provides is exceptional.

On the back rest of the Highlander M.50 Rucksack is the 'Airmesh' system that allows the free flow of air between the wearer's back and the rucksack. This greatly reduces the heat that is caused by the friction of a back pack and keeps you cooler while hiking.

Highlander M.50 Rucksack

For those who have a lot of smaller items, the larger spacious interior may not seem ideal. The ample Molle Loops on the front and sides of the Highlander M.50 Rucksack allow you to attach as many small Molle pouches as your requirements desire. If you want true bespoke compartmentalisation, you have found it.

Underneath the Highlander M.50 Rucksack four quick attachment Molle points can be found. These are for attaching a roll matt and frees up even more of that large internal space. Due to the load carrying placement the roll matt sits perfectly in your lumbar region of your back, providing additional comfort.

Highlander M.50 Rucksack

Right next to these quick attachment points two drainage holes can be found, which is especially useful for those in wet weather climates.

Highlander M.50 Rucksack

Throughout the Highlander M.50 Rucksack you will find Dura-flex material on any stress points, along with tough number 10 nylon zips and dense 1000D fabric. While this rucksack has been designed for comfort it certainly isn't weak.

For those who want to blend-in in most environments the Highlander Multi Terrain Camo pattern will provide this functionality.

Highlander M.50 Rucksack

The Highlander M.50 Rucksack is the perfect combination of both strength and comfort; at the same time it allows the wearer to easily carry large and bulky items.

Highlander M.50 Rucksack

Great for anyone who enjoys the outdoors.

You can buy the Highlander M.50 Rucksack directly from this site.

December 2015