Army Boots

Army Boots - A Long and Lustrous History

The earliest form of army boots can be traced as far back as the Roman Armies. Although they didn't resemble todays boot they were designed for the same reasons. To give the soldier a shoe that was reinforced and was able to supply him with good grip and traction. They had short nails that would protrude out the sides of the boot and iron inserts that gave stability. These early army boots were called Caligae. Hessian soldiers used a type of army boot that would reach their knees. The Hessian boots were used all the way up to WWI. The boot most often used in WWII was known as the Ammunition boot. The leather soles were iron studded. They were made with iron in the heel and toes of the boots. The sides were made of leather. The Vietnam War introduced today's army boot. It was designed to be used in the swampy jungles of Korea. It has not undergone any significant changes over the years. I guess if something works then just stick with it.

British Assault Boots
British Assault Boots

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Army Boots - Not Just for the Army Anymore

Army boots have been very popular during their existence. Not just for the soldiers, but for the civilian as well. They can be worn to make a fashion statement about the type of person you are, whether it's the punks, the skin-heads, the Goth, or what-ever else people want to be recognized as. Fashion is not the sole reason that people choose to wear army boots. They can be used to traverse any terrain or weather condition you can think of. The army boot is made to be both durable and comfortable.

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Army Boots - Specs

The boots are designed to army specifications. They are also have a shock absorbent sole system that is slip resistant, durable full-grain cowhide leather, provides for ankle support, the steel toe meets the army standards, a coil zipper with auto-lock slider, extra padded collar as well as the tongue, drainage vents use to increase ventilation, and a lighter weight than that of the military spec boot. They come in an assortment of colors.

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Army Boots - The Future

With the discovery that the army boot could be used as a fashion statement, its popularity has increased not only in the USA but all over the world. It has been in grained into each of the countries fashion culture, making it likely to be worn for many, many years to come. The most popular demographic for wearing the army boot is the teenagers. With all the different types, colors and sizes of the army boot there is no shortage on the ways you can make a fashion statement with them. Also if you are the outdoors type then you have a wide variety to choose from too, depending on the type of activity you are planning on undertaking. So no matter what the reason, the army boot is a versatile and practical option for your feet.