LA Special Forces Vest
LA Special Forces Vest LA Special Forces Vest LA Special Forces Vest LA Special Forces Vest

LA Special Forces Vest

Product Ref: 00415.   Civilian Issue - New
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Further Information
Further Information
  • 9 shell loops
  • 600D Cordura material
  • 6 adjustable mag pouches
  • 3 utility pouches
Q & A's
Q & A's
Q: Will this fit a 14 year old?
A: This is a one size fits all vest which you can adjust with laces at the side but is intended for adults. We do stock a kids assault vest in dpm colour which is again adjustable and should fit.
Q: Is there any way you can remove the pouches on the vest?
A: No, they are permanently attached and can't be removed.
Q: I was looking for the dimensions of the front pouches, in particular I was hoping they would fit ak47 and g3 airsoft mags.
A: They are approx 19 x 7 x 2cm.
Q: Is this a PLCE belt?
A: No it doesn't have the PLCE loops on it.
Q: Does it come in childrens sizes or small adults?
A: These come in just one size and are adjustable with laces at each side.
Q: Is the belt pictured included with the vest?
A: Yes it is.
Q: Is this vest made of mesh? If so how fine is it?
A: The upper half of the front and virtually all of the back is mesh. The holes are approx 2mm diameter.