Original WW2 Black Boot Polish
Original WW2 Black Boot Polish Original WW2 Black Boot Polish Original WW2 Black Boot Polish Original WW2 Black Boot Polish

Original WW2 Black Boot Polish

Product Ref: 02833.   Civilian Issue - New
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Further Information
Further Information
  • Original polish from WW2 era
  • 40g tin
  • Polish still in perfect condition
  • British made
We have a very limited supply of these original tins of black boot polish dating from the WW2 era. These were made by Villa Laboratories Ltd in Carlisle (sadly no longer in existence).
The biggest problem you'll have with these tins is getting them open as after 70 years they have become well sealed! But with a little perseverance (and some brute force) the tin can be opened. The polish inside is then as fresh and soft as it was when it was first manufactured - pretty impressive for something dating from the 1940s.
We have used a tin of this to polish up a pair of our used ex-army assault boots and they came up a treat. So take a trip down memory lane and use some old fashioned British-made WW2 era polish.
Reviews (any views expressed are solely those of the reviewer)
Not a simple woohoo!
The polish is excellent. The pigment is very dense so a smaller amount covers more boot. It buffs up nice too - difficult to explain what about it seems better than the Web-tex I usually use, especially since it's black, but it seems to have more depth, like a patina rather than just a surface that will soon get scuffed. Still, the tins have no twist opener, so getting them open while the paper seal over the polish is still inside is a massive PITA and, although it's easier after the paper is out, it isn't easy. The tins are a fair bit smaller than average polish tins, which is good for travel I suppose, but I'd prefer them bigger to make it easier to get the brush in for when there's not much left. They do look majorly cool though and, it's worth repeating, the polish is excellent!
Pros: Conversation piece, Great looking thing, Small & light, Good quality shine, Dense colour covers more
Cons: Difficult to open, Small & light
Would recommend: Yes
Reviewed by Ian_Gere in Nottingham
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