Used US Fishtail Parka With Hood
Used US Fishtail Parka With Hood Used US Fishtail Parka With Hood Used US Fishtail Parka With Hood Used US Fishtail Parka With Hood Used US Fishtail Parka With Hood Used US Fishtail Parka With Hood Used US Fishtail Parka With Hood Used US Fishtail Parka With Hood

Used US Fishtail Parka With Hood

Product Ref: 00155.   Military Issue - Used
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Info from Amazon
Info from Amazon

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Further Information
Further Information
  • Parka: cotton/nylon mix
  • Liner: 100% polyester filling, 100% nylon outer shell
  • Fur hood: cotton/nylon mix shell, wool/nylon mix lining
  • Waist drawstring
  • Deep lined pockets
  • Adjustable cuffs
  • Detachable liner with buttons
  • Detachable hood with buttons
  • Armpit-to-armpit measurement across front: S=27", M=28", L=30"
  • Armpit-to-cuff measurement: S=22", M=22", L=23"
  • Overall length (front): S=36", M=36", L=37"
  • Overall length (back): S=43", M=43", L=44"
  • Weight: S=1.8kg, M=1.85kg, L=1.9kg
The US fishtail parka was introduced in 1951 and issued to troops serving in the Korean war. It was designed to afford good protection against freezing conditions.
Then in the 1960s, British Mods made these parkas part of their uniform. You were not a proper mod unless you sported a fishtail parka.
All in all, this is an extremely warm and comfortable parka, with classic mod style.
These parkas come up extremely large - generally around 2 sizes larger than you might expect. So if you normally take a large, then a small fishtail will probably be a good fit.
The small fishtails are now extremely scarce. We have a limited stock of medium fishtails that have been tailored to a small size which is what you may receive. Apart from the label originally showing "medium" you would never otherwise know!
Q & A's
Q & A's
Q: Dose the liner have sleeves or is it just like a body warmer.
A: It does have sleeves.
Q: I was wondering about the liner in this particular jacket and how it compares with the liner in the M65 Regiment Jacket. Which one would you say is warmer?
A: The liner in this parka is a quilted liner. The liner in the M65 Regiment (and it's replacement the M65 Infantry) is a fleece liner which is probably a bit warmer.
Q: Are these parkers brand new
A: These ones are used. We do also sell brand new ones.
Q: Are the used coats vintage? if so how old, or are they just fairly new, but just used.
A: There is no date on the parkas, but these were issued from 1965 onwards.
Q: Is it a good idea to remove the wire from the hood?
A: It's there to allow you to shape the hood to make it windproof but there's no reason why you couldn't remove it if you prefer.
Q: Is the new one exactly the same as the old used one.
A: Yes, except brand new.
Q: Does the parka have the metal wire thing in the hood?
A: Yes it does, making it windproof.
Q: What sort of lining comes with the jacket? Is it comfy over bare skin?
A: The fishtail parka comes with a quilted type lining. It should be quite comfortable to wear on bare skin.
Q: I need an XS in this coat do you have one?
A: The XS size fishtail is almost impossible to obtain and we very rarely get them in stock.
Q: do you sell repacement liners and hoods for the m65 parka?
A: Sorry no, we only sell the complete parka.
Q: can you get me an extra small m65 please?
A: Unfortunately, the XS size is almost impossible to obtain which is why we don't offer it as a size selection.
Q: You say it is a cotton/nylon mix - what percentage of each is it?
A: It seems to vary which is why we don't mention a figure. So far we have seen the cotton/nylon mix as high as 80/20 and as low as 50/50.
Q: How does the condition of this compare to the new ones?
A: The fur may be matted and there may be marks on the parka itself, but there shouldn't be any holes or tears in the garment.
Q: Is this product pre-washed? What I mean is does it have a 'used' feel? From the shots it looks as though it has a slightly faded appearance, (which is exactly what I'm after).
A: Yes, this product is a used item so has been worn and washed and is generally faded.
Q: Who is this parka made by?
A: The US Army.
Q: Does this parker have a fishtail back?
A: Yes.
Q: How do I attach the hood?
A: The instructions on the label of the hood state the following: 1) Fasten skirt buttonholes to 4 buttons on inside of garment (only 2 on coat). 2) Turn garment and fasten 2 storm curtain buttons to collar. 3) Fasten storm curtain buttonholes to shoulder loop buttons on coat. 4) Secure stud on skirt to socket on inside of garment. 5) Secure loop to coat button.
Q: I'm hoping this is authentic - it looks good. I'm a scooter mod nut and have been since i was 14 - i now 40. I'm 6.4 and 42inch chest. These parkas were always meant to be worn lose and certainly not fitted - what size would you recommend for me to buy please.
A: These are authentic. As these generally come up 2 sizes larger than other garments, I would suggest a small or medium for you.
Q: Did Parker from the thunderbirds ever wear a parka?
A: No, m'lady.
Q: Is this Parka an M51 original?
A: No, it's an M65 original.
Q: What is the difference between the Grade 1 and New US Fishtail Parka. They look the same but differ in price. Also what size would you order for a man chest size medium 38 - 40 and 5'8 tall.
A: The Grade 1 is ex-army used grade 1 condition, whereas the new one is new! Click the link next to the coloured "grade" dot in each listing for more info. I would suggest an XS or S for a 38-40 chest.
Q: Can you get a replacement hood for one of these parkas, as i already own one but need a replacement hood?
A: Sorry, the hoods are not available separately.
Q: Does the parka have white toweling lining?
A: No, it has a green quilted detachable lining.
Q: Is this jacket waterproof?
A: It is water repellent, but not fully waterproof.
Q: Are these parkas original army issue?
A: Yes they are original US Army issue.
Q: What is the manufacture date of the jacket?
A: There is no manufacture date identified on the jacket.
Q: Can you remove the fur from around the hood?
A: No, the hood can be detached from the parka, but the fur is fixed to the hood.
Q: Does the coat include liner?
A: Yes, both liner and hood are included.
Q: Could you tell me the best size to order to fit a 36in chest? I ordered a med before but it was much to big.
A: These do tend to come up around two sizes larger than usual. For a 36 inch chest I would suggest an XS size.
Reviews (any views expressed are solely those of the reviewer)
Great product,great service
Received this morning just 36 hours after placing my order Very impressed by the service and delivery tracking system. The parka looks great and feels just like the last one I owned 40 years ago
Pros: Comfortable, Warm
Cons: None
Sizing: Feels about right
Would recommend: Yes
Reviewed by R A BRIGHT in Kent

After having my 15 year old '72 parka stolen I needed to get a new one fast. I was gutted. But when this little beauty came through (the next day!) it made everything better. I was so happy with it. My old parka is gone but I already feel its spirit lives on in this one. The order tracking system is the best i ever used. I knew where it was and when (to the nearest hour!) it was going to be delivered. Brilliant service.
Pros: Perfect for mods with scooters
Cons: No cons
Sizing: Feels about right
Would recommend: Yes
Reviewed by Jason in North London

Good Quality
Good quality jacket. Found they are really big, as I tried a small on and it buried me. The fur on the hood was a bit matted but overall a great coat. Extremely warm.
Pros: Good quality, Very warm
Cons: Really big
Sizing: Feels large
Would recommend: Yes
Reviewed by Aly in Wolverhampton

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