New US Fishtail Parka With Hood
New US Fishtail Parka With Hood New US Fishtail Parka With Hood New US Fishtail Parka With Hood New US Fishtail Parka With Hood New US Fishtail Parka With Hood New US Fishtail Parka With Hood New US Fishtail Parka With Hood

New US Fishtail Parka With Hood

Product Ref: 00154.   Military Issue - New
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Further Information
Further Information
  • Parka: cotton/nylon mix
  • Liner: 100% polyester filling, 100% nylon outer shell
  • Fur hood: cotton/nylon mix shell, wool/nylon mix lining
  • Waist drawstring
  • Deep lined pockets
  • Adjustable cuffs
  • Detachable liner with buttons
  • Detachable hood with buttons
  • Armpit-to-armpit measurement across front: S=27", M=28", L=30"
  • Armpit-to-cuff measurement: S=22", M=22", L=23"
  • Overall length (front): S=36", M=36", L=37"
  • Overall length (back): S=43", M=43", L=44"
  • Weight: S=1.8kg, M=1.85kg, L=1.9kg
The US fishtail parka was introduced in 1951 and issued to troops serving in the Korean war. It was designed to afford good protection against freezing conditions.
Then in the 1960s, Brtish Mods made these parkas part of their uniform. You were not a proper mod unless you sported a fishtail parka.
All in all, this is an extremely warm and comfortable parka, with classic mod style. This item is genuine US Army issue.
These parkas come up extremely large - generally around 2 sizes larger than you might expect. So if you normally take a large, then a small fishtail will probably be a good fit.
As each of the 3 components of this parka (outer, liner, hood) are obtained from different sources, you may find that the hood is of a slightly different shade of green to the parka.
The small fishtails are now extremely scarce. We have a limited stock of medium fishtails that have been tailored to a small size which is what you may receive. Apart from the label originally showing "medium" you would never otherwise know!
Q & A's
Q & A's
Q: is the colour of the parka in your pictures accurate to the parkas that you have in stock?
A: Well the colour in the pictures can appear differently on different monitors/devices, but generally it is quite a good match to the parkas yes.
Q: how do i wash the fishtail parka?
A: The label on the inside of the jacket reads "For cleaning and restoring of water repellency return to laundry for machine washing in accordance with established procedure for Quarpel treated garments. The slide fastener shall be closed when laundered." The label on the inside of the liner reads "Wash by hand or machine in warm water with mild soap or detergent, rinse thoroughly and drip or machine dry. DO NOT DRY CLEAN."
Q: at the detailed photos the label of the parka writes for the size small 33 to 37 inches is that correct?
A: It is indeed what the label says. However, we would advise they come up much larger. A small measures 54" all the way round the outside at chest height.
Q: is this product waterproof
A: No, just water repellant
Q: You say it is a cotton/nylon mix - what percentage of each is it?
A: It seems to vary which is why we don't mention a figure. So far we have seen the cotton/nylon mix as high as 80/20 and as low as 50/50.
Q: Can you take the fury bit off the hood and are these original us army fishtail parkas?
A: They are original. You can take the entire hood off, but not just the fur.
Q: What is the best way to remove the wire from the hood?
A: The hood is not designed to have the wire removed and so can only assume you would have to cut it to do this, but this may cause damage and we wouldn't recommend it.
Q: How worn are the grade 1 jackets compared to the new ones?? Do the Grade 1 jackets look and feel new?
A: It is obvious that they have been worn, but there won't be any tears or major damage. Probably the most noticeable difference is the fur on the hood tends to get a bit matted and dull on the used ones.
Q: Is this parka the same as the The US Army M-65 Fishtail Parka, also known as M1965 Parka or M-1965 Parka? If it isn't, please can you tell me the difference in terms of quality.
A: This is the M-65 parka.
Q: Not so much a question as a thankyou, my M65 grade 1 parka arrived today and I am delighted with it. I had one years ago and can assure buyers that these are the real deal.
A: Thanks for your feedback!
Q: How can I purchase an XS new US fishtail parka with hood?
A: We are no longer able to obtain XS.
Q: I'd like to know the following things: 1) is the New US Fishtail Parka With Hood Brand New (NO second hand)? 2) Do u have it in Black? 3) usually i wear an XL/XXL size. Do u suggest an L size for the mentioned model?
A: It is brand new, it is not available in black, and I would suggest a Large.
Q: How come it doesn't come up with an XS size option?
A: We are no longer able to obtain XS.
Q: How do I attach the hood?
A: The instructions on the label of the hood state the following: 1) Fasten skirt buttonholes to 4 buttons on inside of garment (only 2 on coat). 2) Turn garment and fasten 2 storm curtain buttons to collar. 3) Fasten storm curtain buttonholes to shoulder loop buttons on coat. 4) Secure stud on skirt to socket on inside of garment. 5) Secure loop to coat button.
Q: Would you be able to get this prduct in boy sizes becuase i'm 14 and i'm a Mod, i got everything, but i haven't got a fishtail parka, would you be able to do my request, Thankyou!
A: Sorry, these are only available in adult sizes.
Q: I am writing to ask if the New US Fishtail Parka With Hood is a genuine US Army made Parka.
A: Yes it is new and genuine issue US Army.
Q: How weatherproof is this parka.
A: It is water-repellent but not 100% waterproof. The wire hood provides protection against the wind.
Q: I have a hood which i would like lining with fox fur do you do this service?
A: Sorry, no.
Q: im normally a medium/large in jackets, what size would you recomend?
A: An XS or Small.
Q: hi there, from the age of the "original mods", not sure if having mid life crisis, but would love another of these, I'm usually XL uk size (44"chest) any to fit?
A: As these come up around 2 sizes larger than normal, I would suggest a size Medium.
Q: Are these M51 or M65 parkas?
A: M65.
Q: My chest size is 42-44. What would be the best size to order?
A: As these come up around 2 sizes larger than normal, I would suggest a size small.
Q: What is the fur hood made of?
A: It is a synthetic material.
Q: Is the fur on the hood removable?
A: The hood itself is removable, but the fur isn't.
Q: Is this item lined in any way?
A: Yes, it has a detachable quilted liner which buttons in.
Q: Does the hood detatch from this coat?
A: Yes, it does detach. It is fixed to the coat with buttons.
Q: What is the difference between the two fishtail parkas on your site apart form one being issued and one unissed?
A: That is the only difference.
Reviews (any views expressed are solely those of the reviewer)
Have it since 1970.
It has been a pleasure to wear this garment. Wherever I go had good comments. OEM from Korea. Have all the bells.very warm.
Pros: none
Cons: none
Sizing: Feels about right
Would recommend: Yes
Reviewed by Flavor Flav in Riverside IL

Fur on hood
Fur does come off with a stitch picker and then you can get the wire out as well Takes about 45 minutes
Pros: none
Cons: none
Would recommend: Yes
Reviewed by Ryan in Shetland isles

Loving this parka
It's big (beware of the size) not too heavy, very warm and waterproof, the hood is very big and has a wire so you can even wear it with helmet, good choice to ride a scooter in the rain.
Pros: Waterproof, Lightweight
Cons: none
Sizing: Feels large
Would recommend: Yes
Reviewed by Luegotelodigo in Granada, Spain

Excellent service delivered on time. parka is brill does come up large but they do tell you that on the site.
Pros: Cool, Comfy, Warm
Cons: none
Sizing: Feels large
Would recommend: Yes
Reviewed by Jt in Wakefield

Good quality, not sure about fit
Pros: Quality
Cons: Fit
Sizing: Feels large
Would recommend: No
Reviewed by Willzo in London

One of the best things ive ever purchased
I spent hours looking for an extra small fishtail parka that didn't cost the earth. im really pleased that i found one here. because im only 5ft 6in-7in and 36in-38in chest i was concerned that it wouldn't fit, but the size is perfect, it is big but thats because parkas are. i give this product 10/10 and the same with the delivery, it took only 3 days. excellent
Pros: Great quick delivery, Cheaper than others ive found, Perfect fit and style
Cons: none
Sizing: Feels about right
Would recommend: Yes
Reviewed by Ben the ferret in Nottingham

Worth the wait
Great parka ive been trying to get an xs for ages but could not get one anywhere at a sensible price. it fits me great but i had to undo the bottom buttons on the liner as it was a bit tight round my ass. though lots of room when they were undone.not a bad compromise as i think i would have been able to fit my wife and me in the small
Pros: Warm comfortable classic
Cons: none
Sizing: Feels about right
Would recommend: Yes
Reviewed by P in Scotland

Free Hat
Most importantly my parka came with a free hat (THAT'S 12 DIFFERENT HATS). You can imagine the hours I spent annoying the mrs turning it into a ninja mask, then a bandana and so on. But I digress. Delivery was really prompt, it showed up in good condition, slight fraying on a portion of the wool hood lining but this is only cosmetic. Really warm coat, really good quality too. You could fit a seal (Navy or grey) in the pockets - they're massive. Take the hood off at your peril. Theres so many buttons and buttonholes (not all of which are used) that you'll have hours of amusement attempting to reattach it properly. Only possible downside is if you are a small you're screwed because these coats are massive. I'm a medium bordering on large and so I ordered extra small (as they advise you to) and this thing swamps me. But I like that. But if you want a tight fitting jacket look somewhere else. Other than that I can only emphasise the quality and how warm it is. I'm looking forward to trying it out in some proper cold weather because so far in the UK I haven't been slightly chilly in it yet. Also, did I mention the free hat....
Pros: Free hat., Deep pockets, Great quality, Really warm, Free hat
Cons: Not very good for sneaking, Too big for small people, Looks silly without the hood on, Cats WILL try to sleep on it, GF will steal it in cold weather
Sizing: Feels large
Would recommend: Yes
Reviewed by Batman in Southend On Sea

Quality item
Seems a good product, ideal for my forthmcing trip to Norway..
Pros: none
Cons: none
Sizing: Feels about right
Would recommend: Yes
Reviewed by GD in Hertfordshire

Worth every penny
Well worth the time it took me to track down this parka from mean and green. Parka is fab!
Pros: Everything
Cons: Order a smaller size!
Sizing: Feels large
Would recommend: Yes
Reviewed by Dazza in Coventry

I have just receieved my new M-65 parka this is exactly what i wanted if you are a mod then this is the parka for you.the service i receieve was first class.
Pros: The real thing, Fantastic
Cons: None
Sizing: Feels large
Would recommend: Yes
Reviewed by Steve in Deeside

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