Swedish Army Style Folding Cup
Swedish Army Style Folding Cup Swedish Army Style Folding Cup Swedish Army Style Folding Cup

Swedish Army Style Folding Cup

Product Ref: 00250.   Military Style - New
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Further Information
Further Information
  • Folding cup with handle
  • Lightweight at 25g
  • Reduces pack size and weight
  • Great for camping, fishing and hiking
  • Dishwasher safe
This Swedish style cup is a great invention. Small and very lightweight at just 25g, it folds up inside itself when not in use to half its original size. It's great for when you're really tight on space, and really need to scrimp on pack weight.
Suitable for activities such as camping, fishing and walking, this cup will stow away nicely in easily accessible rucksack pockets, or even in your jacket! There is also a hole in the handle used to fold the cup for hanging at home, or tying to a rucksack.
It can be used for hot drinks as well as cold, and is dishwasher safe.
A definite travelling essential, at a great price.
Reviews (any views expressed are solely those of the reviewer)
Little cup
Excellent piece of kit , Once folded enough room to store a small brew kit. Handy if you get offered a brew out and about,Just like the racing spoon.
Pros: Light, Easily stowed, Compact , Can store brew kit
Cons: none
Would recommend: Yes
Reviewed by Martin in Frome, Somerset

Half full or half empty?
Its often impractical to carry a fullsize mug in your pack due to weight and space. Lightweight mugs can cost a pretty penny and their size isn't adaptable like the swedish folding mug. You can pack the mug down and bend it however you like to fit in whatever space you need to in your pack. It retains it shape perfectly and can fold down into about half its size. It contains a good amount of liquid, enough for a brew. Plus it has a lip that you can hold to save your hands from getting burnt if the temperature is too hot. Though in my experience it doesn't get too hot to hold in the palm of your hands. The only real downside is that some beverages, such as soup can leave a smell behind which sometimes can prove difficult to clean when out in the field. Though for the functionality and price, the swedish folding mug is an absolute steal.
Pros: Good value, Adaptable Size, Lightweight
Cons: Some beverages can leave smell
Would recommend: Yes
Reviewed by Dan Thompson in Cannock

Space saver
Compact and great space saver a nice addition to my kit. And a must have for any walker, camper, cadet anyone really!
Pros: Great design, Compact, Space saving, Lightweight
Cons: none
Would recommend: Yes
Reviewed by Clark in Cannock

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