Airborne Vintage Trousers
Airborne Vintage Trousers Airborne Vintage Trousers Airborne Vintage Trousers Airborne Vintage Trousers Airborne Vintage Trousers Airborne Vintage Trousers Airborne Vintage Trousers Airborne Vintage Trousers Airborne Vintage Trousers Airborne Vintage Trousers

Airborne Vintage Trousers

Product Ref: 02304.   Civilian Issue - New
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Further Information
Further Information
  • Vintage cut
  • 100% cotton
  • 2 side pockets
  • 4 reinforced leg pockets with press studs
  • Draw string waist & legs
  • Button fly
  • High tension worn stitching
Our customers repeatedly tell us these are the most comfortable combat trousers they've ever owned. They are made from 100% cotton fabric which is surprisingly heavy duty.
Some of the extra touches on these trousers are quite cool too - such as the external pen pockets on the leg. And the inside of the side pockets are made from the same material as the rest of the trousers - so your bunch of keys and rattling change are less likely to wear through!
Please note that due to improvements in the design, some details may differ slightly from the photos shown.
Q & A's
Q & A's
Q: do these trousers only come with button fly or they available with zipped fly
A: They only come with button fly.
Q: Are these brand new please?
A: Yes they are
Q: can u please tell me if size 36 is the large size?
A: Yes, size 36 is equal to a size large.
Q: How is the fit of these trousers around the waist? I am looking at getting a 40". Would you say its a baggy size 40?
A: Yes, these are quite a baggy fit.
Q: Are they British Airborne or ??????In my 21 years we never had that type of kit
A: These are more of a fashion item loosely based on airborne trousers.
Q: what is the leg length for 34" waist?
A: All sizes of the airborne vintage trousers are a standard 32" leg.
Q: Can you tell me the inside leg size of these trousers please?
A: These trousers have a standard inside leg length which is approx 32".
Reviews (any views expressed are solely those of the reviewer)
Hard wearing, Affordable combats.
I've been wearing these for work since i bought them to see if they were upto the job as i work in a big print production hall. Firstly, they are very well made and are of a good strong and importantly light material. A nice loose fitting helps when working all day, i was getting tired of wearing jeans all the time. The pair i received have great stitching and the added feature of the ankle strings are very welcome as i use them all the time around the workplace. I will definitely be buying another pair or two as they are well priced for the quality you get.
Pros: Price, Lightwight, Design, Materials, Fit
Cons: none
Sizing: Feels about right
Would recommend: Yes
Reviewed by James in Lancashire

Very nice combat trousers
These trousers are made of thick cotton and are very hard wearing with plenty of pockets, just what I was after. I don't like the ties at the ankles so I removed them which was simple to do.
Pros: Hardwearing, Pockets, Cotton
Cons: Ankle ties
Sizing: Feels about right
Would recommend: Yes
Reviewed by Adrian in Kent

Not so great
Recieved a black pair of these, I thought I'd ordered a size 34 waist as stated on the product order; this is actually size medium and is slightly smaller than a real 34 inch waist. Secondly, some of the stitching is terrible, with long lengths of cotton hanging out of semes. The top botton of the fly fell off in my hand seconds after taking the trousers out of the packaging, didn't even get them on. Two other fly buttons are hanging by a thread, literally. The material is nice and thick though and should be quite durable. Good amount of pockets.
Pros: Nice durable fabric.
Cons: Bad sizing and stitching
Sizing: Feels small
Would recommend: No
Follow-up by Meanandgreen: Sorry to hear of the problems with the pair you received. If you'd like to return them to us we can get them swapped over for you.
Reviewed by Wade in Wiltshire

Great trousers. Sturdy hard-wearing material. Legs seem a bit baggy compared to fit of the waist but over all a comfortable fit
Pros: 100% Cotton, Tough material, Comfortable
Cons: Bit long in the leg
Sizing: Feels about right
Would recommend: Yes
Reviewed by Michael in Wexford

Best kecks I currently own!
These may be fashion conscious, and they surely do look good, but don't think that means they are any less rugged than summer weight milspec. The pockets and waistband are all reinforced and the drawstrings for waist and legs are 40mm and 20mm webbing respectively. The belt loops are sturdy and the seam is on the outside of them so that 2" webbing belts do not get caught up when feeding them through. The cotton is lightweight but densely woven so tough. I've worn them to a 6hr airsoft battle, crawling through dirt and undergrowth, and they came through without any thorn punctures, seams pulled, or buttons off. There is a fashion decal on the right thigh pocket, but it's pretty unobtrusive.
Pros: Light and comfy., Great shape., Very handy pockets., Take a 2, Rugged.
Cons: No reinforced seat.
Sizing: Feels large
Would recommend: Yes
Reviewed by Ian_Gere in Nottingham

Fantastic trousers
First time ive brought this type of trouser and i must say there great, good fitting, comfortable material, loads of pockets and some nice style touches make these a practical and worthy investment
Pros: Well made, Practical, Stylish, Comfortable, Quality
Cons: none
Sizing: Feels about right
Would recommend: Yes
Reviewed by Mr2tone in Wolverhampton

Very comfy; either for dossing around in or going to the gym to smash out some weights.
Pros: Loose; perfect around the house, Comfortable
Cons: none
Sizing: Feels large
Would recommend: Yes
Reviewed by Davey in (England)

Good quality trousers
I have a couple of pairs of these, in black and woodland camo. I wear them to work because I like to have a lot of pockets on me for tools, papers, etc. These are quite long in the leg, I cut off the ties at the bottom because I never like those, but they come off easily enough. It's a good heavyweight material so i think it should last quite a while. The one thing i really like is the heavy duty material inside the pockets.
Pros: Good choice of colours, Strong pockets, Heavyweight material
Cons: Ties at ankle, Bit long in the leg for me
Sizing: Feels about right
Would recommend: Yes
Reviewed by Artisanguy in South coast