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Used Revision Sawfly Eyewear System

Product Ref: 03549.   Military Issue - Used
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Further Information
Further Information
  • Exceeds US military ballistic impact requirements for spectacles and goggles
  • Tough enough to withstand a shotgun blast from 5 metres
  • 3 x 100% UV protective lenses: high contrast lens for low-light situations, clear lens for indoor and night use, solar lens for situations where glare is a problem
  • Lenses interchange easily without any tools
  • Slim line frame
  • Includes rugged storage case
  • Small suitable for up to 55cm head circumference
  • Medium suitable for 56cm to 59cm head circumference
  • Large suitable for 60cm head circumference and above
The Sawfly Military Eyewear System has been trialed and selected as the exclusive military spectacle of choice for the armed forces of Canada, Belgium, The Netherlands and the UK. It is also the sole piece of issued eye protection to all US army training bases.
The Sawfly system is currently being used every day by these soldiers in some of the most intense battle zones and severe climatic conditions in today's world.
The lenses are made from optical grade polycarbonate - the same type of material used initially for fighter jet canopies - because it is lightweight and offers high-impact protection. The lenses are optically correct and distortion-free so that you see your targets properly. In stringent ballistic testing, this eyewear out-performed the competition, resisting the impact of steel projectiles fired at speeds of 240 metres per second and stood up to 12-guage shot-gun blasts from just 5 metres away.
This high-impact eyewear exceeds all of the military protective standards required by the UK MOD. This means you are using the very best eyewear on the market to protect your eyes in the uncertain environments in which you operate every day.