Replica Pineapple Grenade
Replica Pineapple Grenade Replica Pineapple Grenade

Replica Pineapple Grenade

Product Ref: 03403.   Military Style - New
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Further Information
Further Information
  • Replica of MkII "Pineapple" grenade
  • Wooden body
  • Metal fittings and pin
  • Additional markings and scuffs for a realistic look
  • Height approx 11cm
  • Weight approx 100g
The pineapple design was first adopted during WWI and has been seen on all sides. Contrary to popular belief the segments of the pineapple are actually for grip rather than for fragmentation effect. This type of grenade is probably one of the most recognisable hand grenades in the world due to its presence in various US films and productions, e.g. Band of Brothers, etc. This specific grenade is still used in training, essentially due it being universally recognised as a grenade.
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