PPSS Covert Unrated Vest
PPSS Covert Unrated Vest PPSS Covert Unrated Vest PPSS Covert Unrated Vest

PPSS Covert Unrated Vest

Product Ref: 02713.   Civilian Issue - New
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Further Information
Further Information
  • Low profile 3mm body armour
  • Unmatched blunt trauma protection from a punch, blow or kick
  • Offers protection from knives and hypodermic needles, although not officially rated
  • Ultra lightweight (1.9kg for Size L)
  • Ultra thin (using 3mm body moulded polycarbonate)
PPSS have designed their groundbreaking and ultra lightweight vests to provide protection from knives and blunt trauma. Based on professional frontline experience and extensive research, an impact-based assault is a more likely event than an attack involving an edged weapon or firearm. This vest protects against blunt trauma, such as when the wearer is on the floor being kicked by assailants, as well as offering resistance to knife attack. Although without any official rating, the manufacturers believe this vest still provides excellent protection and at a more affordable price than their officially rated KR1 vest.
Whether you're dealing with high risk individuals (such as potentially violent or aggressive members of the public, drug users or dealers) or enforcing laws and regulations or securing property and people, you will be facing threats from knives and blunt trauma every hour of the day.
In an ever changing world, where a lack of respect are the order of the day, appropriate protective clothing such as body armour or stab vests have become an essential piece of equipment for many frontline professionals. We all need to understand that a lack of adequate safety measures can put an individual at unnecessary risk, and cause unacceptable injury or harm. Body armour and stab vests have therefore regrettably become a real necessity within a number of domestic frontline professions.
Wearing stab vests can be compared to wearing a seat belt when driving a car. We do not put the seat belt on because we believe we are going to have an accident today. We are simply acknowledging the fact that there is a remarkably small chance that we might crash. Yet, if this chance becomes reality, you have reduced the risk of injury and increased the chance of survival by wearing a seat belt.
Overt body armour (worn on top of clothes) can often be perceived as very confrontational, especially when dealing with intoxicated members of the public or those who seriously dislike authority. The low profile of the PPSS vests mean they can be worn covertly (underneath outer clothing).
IMPORTANT NOTE - This vest has not undergone official rating procedures and so the threat level protection cannot legally be specified. However, the material is a layer of 3mm moulded polycarbonate which is extremely tough. PPSS have themselves tested this and they report that it withstood a knife attack with a force of 16 Joules (KR1 standard protects up to 24 Joules).
Please note that wearing body armour does not diminish the need to take great care when confronted with a situation which may threaten your own or a colleague's personal safety. This body armour is supplied in order to provide added protection to the wearer. Neither the manufacturer nor the retailer of this product is liable and can not be held responsible for any injury caused as a result of misuse of the product. This body armour is to be used only as an additional protective measure.