Emergency Blanket
Emergency Blanket Emergency Blanket

Emergency Blanket

Product Ref: 00508.   Civilian Issue - New
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Q & A's
Q & A's
Q: Please could you tell me what size this blanket is when folded/packed. Many thanks.
A: This blanket folds down to approximately 9cm x 6.5cm
Q: can you reuse them or are they one time use
A: As long as it is not ripped or damaged then there is reason why it could not be re-used.
Q: can you cut them up and still use them
A: These are basically the tin foil blankets that you might see runners use at the end of a marathon. They should cut quite easily, but wouldn't really be functional as blankets if reduced in size.
Q: What are the measurements of this blanket?
A: 210 x 132cm