German Army Parka - New

German Army Parka - New

Product Ref: 01494.   Military Issue - New
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German Army Nato Parka (UK 44 - EU 54)

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Further Information
Further Information
The favourite jacket amongst mods, students and teenagers everywhere! Now available in unnissued brand new condition. Some parkas will have the German flag on the sleeve although this cannot be guaranteed.
Some of the grey parkas have a very nice blue tint to them - again this cannot be guaranteed.
Q & A's
Q & A's
Q: is this a winter coat e.g. is the material thick or is it a thin coat??
A: This parka should be quite suitable for winter and the inner fleece lining can be removed for when the weather becomes warmer.
Q: whats the difference between this coat and the other germany army parka???
A: One is new, the other is used!
Q: Can i ask 2 questions about the German parka? 1. what's the producer/manufacturer of the parka? 2. what's the brand name of the parka's zipper ?
A: Unfortunately, in common with most military garments, there is no indication of the producer/manufacturer. The zippers vary - some have YKK on them, some have OPTI on them.
Q: What size is shown on the label for the 44`` chest please? What is the measurement from base of hood to hem, armpit to armpit & length of sleeve please? Thanks, Pat
A: The size shown on the label for a 44/Long is 180/190. The measurement from the base of the hood to the hem for this size is approximately 35.5". The armpit to armpit measurement is 24" and sleeve length from armpit to cuff is 19".
Q: How long is the size 44 from nape of neck to hem please? Do these parkas have a drawstring around the waist?
A: A 44/Long parka measures approximately 37" from the neck to the bottom of the hem. There is no drawstring around the waist, but there is one at the bottom in the hem.
Q: If the length of the "long" parka from the top of the collar to the bottom of the hem is approximately 36". What are the lengths of the medium & small? Also, I am 6ft tall with a 44 chest - but I'm unsure whether to allow a bit in the chest for a jumper or how to judge the length. Is there a draw string?
A: The approximate length for a short parka is 32.5" and the regular length 34.5". The sizes given are related to your actual chest size and so you may want to allow a little more if worn with a thick jumper. There is just a draw string on the hood only.
Q: What length is the long size?
A: The length of the parka from the top of the collar to the bottom of the hem is approximately 36".
Q: Is there any fur around the hood like the American fishtail parka?
A: No it is a plain hood.
Q: Does the lining extend into the sleeves?
A: Yes, all the way down to the cuffs.
Q: Does the parka have zip or is it just buttoned?
A: It has both.
Q: Do these parkas have a fishtail back?
A: No, it is a straight hem at the bottom.
Q: Are there elbow patches on the sleeves?
A: No, there are no elbow patches on these parkas.
Q: How many pockets does this parka have?
A: It has five - two chest, two hip and one internal pocket.
Q: On the photo the material looks very shiny. Is this a synthetic waterproof-type material or the cotton-like textile that these types of parkas are usually made from?
A: It is a cotton-like material. It's not actually as shiny as it looks in the photo!
Q: Does this coat have a hood?
A: Yes.
Q: What material is this made of? Does it have a liner?
A: It is made from a heavy duty canvas material and has a detachable fleece lining.
Q: Is this a genuine ex army issue and how weather proof is it
A: It is a genuine German army parka, although it is unissued so has never been worn. It is not completely waterproof but does provide a fair degree of protection in rain, etc.
Reviews (any views expressed are solely those of the reviewer)
Exceptional German Value
I have owned one for over 10 years, it is still going strong. In summer removed the furry inner lining and used it for fishing in SA to keep the sun off my skin, winter the furring lining is always attached and keeps me warmer that any gotetex type jacket with a fleece. Exremely wind resistant, easy to clean in the washing machine, takes a lot of hard wear as i often lie on the ground and crawl. hood is very warm as it is the same lining. removal of lining is easy and the re-attachment. the draw srting makes it fit very snuggly. Zip and buttons to close the front securly and keep out the wind.
Pros: Easy to clean, Warm, hard wearing,
Cons: That is relative as you do not , Some may find it a little heavy, Need to wear lots of clothes, Under it.
Sizing: Feels about right
Would recommend: Yes
Reviewed by Robbie in Scotland