German Army Parka - Grade 1

German Army Parka - Grade 1

Product Ref: 00149.   Military Issue - Used
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viz-uk wear Genuine German Army Classic BW Combat Lined Long Hooded Winter Field Jacket Parka Grade 1 (36) Olive

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Genuine German Army Issued Fully Waterproof Gore-Tex Parka Flecktarn Camo Jacket Grade 1

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Genuine German Army Issue Surplus Goretex Cold Weather Winter Fur Lined Mitts in Olive Leather Palm/Thumb Grade 1

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Genuine Vintage German Military Flecktarn Shirt / Lightweight Jacket (M)

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Genuine German Army Flecktarn Zip Fronted Combat Field Jacket with Hood Unissued Army Jacket (165/175-105)

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Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.
Further Information
Further Information
The favourite jacket amongst mods, students and teenagers everywhere! Some parkas will have the German flag on the sleeve although this cannot be guaranteed.
Q & A's
Q & A's
Q: How long is the short parka
A: The approx measurement from collar to bottom hem are- 29 inches ( 71cm)
Q: Can you please tell me how long are sleeves for 46''/long version?
A: The length of the sleeve for this size when measured from the armpit to the end of the cuff is approximately 48cm.
Q: can you tell me what is the length of long
A: A long length parka when measured from the top of the coat at the front to the bottom of the hem is approximately 40".
Q: Is the lining of the grey Parka also grey. What is Grade 1? Is it not new?
A: The lining in the grey parka is also grey and the green ones have a green lining. Grade 1 refers to the condition of the item where supergrade would be the top end of the scale and grade 2 the bottom so this items falls about half way. Any item that is new is clearly marked on the product page as is the other grades.
Q: Does this jacket have a drawstring waist? My old one did.
A: Yes it has a drawstring at the waist and at the bottom.
Q: Could you tell me how long the sleeves are. I am 6"2' with long arms. Regards
A: A size 46"/regular parka when measured from armpit to cuff is approximately 18.5".
Q: Does the parka have an extra lining.Also, is there a hood attached?
A: The parka comes complete with a button-in fleece liner. It does also come with a hood and this is permanently attached.
Q: im a mod ok. im from britain ok. is this any use to a british mod? i like it.
A: I'm sure it would be of some use to a British Mod.
Q: What size is large in inches?
A: Measuring on the outside of the jacket armpit to armpit it measure approx 48 inches, so it would probably be suitable for someone of arround a 44inch chest
Q: How warm will this parka keep me in the winter? I have tried others like this before and i was freezing!
A: It's difficult to say exactly how warm, but it does have a fleece lining which will provide additional warmth.
Q: Does it have a zip up front as well as buttons?
A: Yes it has both zip and buttons.
Q: Is that a hood on the jacket? Is there a liner or is this jacket just a shell?
A: It does have a hood and a detachable fleece lining.
Q: I have bought one similar claiming to be army surplus, but wasn't. Is this genuine and does it have patches on the sleave?
A: This item is genuine surplus, and has the German flag on the sleeve.
Q: Is that a hood on the jacket? Is there a liner or is this jacket just a shell?
A: There is a non-detachable hood. The jacket comes complete with a detachable fleece liner which just buttons in.
Reviews (any views expressed are solely those of the reviewer)
Thouroughly German
All Around thorough Jacket, not as solid or practical as others on the surplus market right now but very good for the price. Sizing is realtively simple, If you are used to Flecktarn and are aware of the practicalities of Flecktarn then you will love this warm winter coat.
Pros: Warm, Durable, Affordable, Practical
Cons: Better competitors, Not extremely warm
Sizing: Feels about right
Would recommend: Yes
Reviewed by Stokes in England