Bear Grylls Gerber Fire Starter
Bear Grylls Gerber Fire Starter Bear Grylls Gerber Fire Starter

Bear Grylls Gerber Fire Starter

Product Ref: 02660.   Military Style - New
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Further Information
Further Information
  • Compact fire starter with ferrocerium rod and metal striker
  • Lanyard to keep product secure and together
  • Emergency whistle integrated into lanyard cord
  • Waterproof storage compartment for tinder
  • Priorities of Survival pocket guide containing Bear's survival essentials
  • Land to air rescue instructions
  • Overall length: 122mm
  • Weight: 74g
Small and compact, the Fire Starter offers years of use. Watertight construction keeps tinder safe and dry, so when you need it, you can trust it.
Bear says: "Creates a ton of sparks, a super useful tool in the wild. Keep tinder in the cap to start fire in even the wettest of conditions."
The Bear Grylls Gerber Survival Series brings together Gerber's over 70 years of knife and gear expertise with Bear Grylls' extensive outdoor survival and adventure experience to create a one-of-a-kind line of knives, tools and gear. From his time in the British SAS, to scaling Mount Everest, to hosting his survival television show all over the globe, Bear knows what it takes to be a survivor in extreme situations. Each item in the Survival Series is meticulously designed by Gerber and Bear to offer a multitude of uses in any environment. Each item also comes with Bear's "Priorities of Survival" pocket guide with essential survival information.
Read what Bear Grylls has to say about the Fire Starter.
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Great Product
Bought this as my old firestarter broke, this is of much better quality, and fits together so it easily slips into your pocket/firestarting tin. The whistle is a great benefit.
Pros: Built-in Whistle, Good Size, Good Quality
Cons: Flint could be a bit bigger
Would recommend: Yes
Reviewed by Tom Fisher in United Kingdom