French Leather Lined Satchel

French Leather Lined Satchel

Product Ref: 01919.   Military Issue - Used
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Further Information
Further Information
  • Very strong canvas material
  • Main compartment entirely lined with leather
  • Metal buckles with leather straps
  • 2 metal attachment points on bottom
  • 2 leather loops on rear
  • 34 x 24 x 10cm
This is a very heavy duty satchel with a leather lining making it virtually indestructable! Exact shade/colour may vary from that pictured but will be similar.
Q & A's
Q & A's
Q: Need a bag that can take a few gadgets and small books. Can you advise the internal dimensions?
A: The bag measures approximately 34 x 24 x 10cm.
Q: How long is the strap?
A: The strap is approximately 130cm.
Q: Is this satchel of casual use! I.e college? Does it fit a4 sized books etc
A: This satchel is popular because it is extremely strong and can be used for all sorts of reasons. It will hold loose A4 sized papers, but you would struggle to get books or folders in.
Q: Will the colour be exactly as shown in the photo?
A: As with most genuine military items, there can be some variations in colour, etc.
Q: Is this item dated please?
A: There are several markings and numbers on the inside of these bags, but there does not appear to be any visible date.
Q: How is the shoulder strap attached?
A: A metal carabina style clip on the strap connects to a metal D-ring on the bag.
Q: How many sections are there inside the bag?
A: There is just the one section.
Reviews (any views expressed are solely those of the reviewer)
Bombproof construction,Worth the money!
I bought this bag to carry a few odds and ends when on day trips. Very impressed with the quality, This is reflected by the weight of the bag. No complaints whatsoever
Pros: Looks, Functionality, Construction
Cons: Weighty, Small interior
Would recommend: Yes
Reviewed by JULAMAR in Stourport on severn.

Excellent Service and Product
I ordered this to replace my work back which had just given up the ghost after a number of years of good service. I wanted something a bit non identikit to carry my iPad and Kindle to work. Size wise it is perfect for my needs and is far stronger than I expected. Overall I would recommend this bag for fellow office ninjas.
Pros: Size, Alternative, Strong, Strong
Cons: Non really
Would recommend: Yes
Reviewed by Jon in Manchester

Rugged Man Bag
This bag is ideal for me being just the right size and one large space to fit all those things you carry around. Very hard wearing with everything in one place.
Pros: One big space, Durable, Strong, Adjustable strap
Cons: none
Would recommend: Yes
Reviewed by Tony in Godalming, Surrey

Tough bag
Useful size and tough! Bag had been squashed in storage, but hinging it up with some heavy books inside soon had is back to its proper shape. Strap stiff, but treating it with leather oil helps. Should last for years.
Pros: Well made., Strong
Cons: none
Would recommend: Yes
Reviewed by John in Midhurst

Proper tough bag
Wanted a "man bag" but wanted it to look like i had had it for ages, this is perfect. was a bit flat when it arrived, so i stuffed it with old towels and hung it in the airing cupboard, its fine now.
Pros: Turned up in just 2 days, Really good condition, Very tough
Cons: Smells a bit, but that will fade
Would recommend: Yes
Reviewed by Adthedad in Northampton

Excellent and durable
I bought this as an alternative to a (highly nickable and expensive) branded bag for my SLR camera and lenses. Been using it every day for several months, and it's taken the sort of treatment that wears holes in most gadget bags.
Pros: Cheap given the quality, Protects kit from knocks, Can be waterproofed, Durable
Cons: Heavier than cordura etc
Would recommend: Yes
Reviewed by Andy in London

French leather lined satchel
Good, strong, stylish bag.
Pros: Fits essentials for a day out, Unisex
Cons: none
Would recommend: Yes
Reviewed by Kelly in Manchester

Very strong and durable
This bag is very well made and seems very strong the strap is very secure and doesn't look like it will snap as its leather
Pros: Well made , Stong
Cons: Slightly small inside
Would recommend: Yes
Reviewed by Jack d in London