Buffalo Special 6 Shirt
Buffalo Special 6 Shirt Buffalo Special 6 Shirt Buffalo Special 6 Shirt

Buffalo Special 6 Shirt

Product Ref: 02342.   Military Style - New
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Info from Amazon
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  • Clothing
A design classic developed with the Special Forces. Tested over 30 years in the most hostile conditions. Used by Military, Police, Mountain Rescue Teams. Ideal for a multitude of outdoor uses including: Professional use, high level winter hill walking, trekking, winter climbing, and general outdoor activities. Features Classic Pertex shell AquaTherm pile lining Windproof to 50mph This garment works most efficiently when worn next to the skin Sizing is important as the shirt should be close fitting without being restrictive. Cut 5cm longer than Mountain Shirt to allow rain run off Spacious zipped front map pocket Storm baffles on neck and side zips Touch-and-close cuff adjustment tabs Touch-and-close attachment on collar for hood (separate) Touch-and-close hip adjusters Handwarmer pocket Rucsac hip belt can be fastened through hand warmer pocket Tape and buckle waist adjuster Eight ventilation controls on each shirt including two way side zips
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Further Information
Further Information
  • Over-head garment
  • Longer than the Mountain Shirt
  • Pertex 6 outer shell
  • Windproof to 45-50mph
  • Resists rainfall to the rate of 1/2 inch per hour
  • AquaTherm pile lining
  • Approx weight of size medium is 670g
  • Neck zip with storm baffles
  • Two way side zips for access and ventilation, with storm baffles
  • Zipped map pocket with weather flap
  • Pile lined hand warmer pocket with internal tape and buckle waist adjuster
  • Hand warmer pocket designed so that a rucsac hip belt can be fastened through
  • Scooped back 10cm longer than front
  • Touch and Close strip around collar for attachment of hood
  • Touch and Close cuff and hem adjusters
  • Made in England
Developed alongside the recommendations of professionals, this Shirt is ideal for a multitude of outdoor uses, from winter hill-walking, trekking, cross country skiing, climbing and technical climbing.
Pertex 6 is more windproof and more resistant to abrasion, and the longer length provides a lower run off level for rain, as well as being long enough not to ride up out of a climbing harness. The Special 6 Shirt is the choice for Mountain Rescue Teams, the Armed Forces, Fire Service Emergency rescue Teams, Police Surveillance and under water search teams.
Q & A's
Q & A's
Q: Can you tell me the pit to pit measurement of this shirt in inches? Size 36
A: It measures approx 21"
Q: is the buffalo special six shirt only a winter shirt or would someone carry it in the rucksack for when ever it gets cold instead of a layering system
A: It would serve well being used as you suggest, just putting on when it gets cold.
Q: what materal is the pile and outer skin made from
A: Pile is 100% polyester Skin is 100% polyamide
Q: Does this product come with the DP hood?
A: This shirt is supplied without the hood, but does come with touch and Close strip around collar for attachment of hood.
Q: Does the current Buff 6 come with green or black lining?
A: They have either green or black lining to match the outer shell.
Reviews (any views expressed are solely those of the reviewer)
A classic piece of effective kit.
For those in the know, the Buffalo Pertex & Pile kit is simply the best all round, go to stuff on the market. For those who aren't in the know - you're missing out. I've worn the Special 6 for 20 years, both in the Forces & out & I can't fault it for performance. Better breathability than any membrane, warmer than fleece & retains it's effectiveness when wet through. In fact, the best waty to dry it is to wear it!! They take a bit of getting used to for temperature control but once you know what's best for you regarding ventilation they're the dogs. No more taking 'breathable' jackets on & off. Great for any outdoor activity like canoeing, hiking, climbing, camping - you name it. I always have an old one in the boot for emergencies. Get the hood too as it really compliments the jacket & is very comfortable - it won't go over a climbing lid tho. I'm a 41" chest but the size 38 is a good fit - you need a close fit as you won't need more than a thin baselayer under it. Buy a second hand one first & give Buffalo a try, you won't regret it.
Pros: Good pocket system, Great ventilation options, Dries quickly, Warm when wet , Breathable
Cons: Doesn't like sparks, Noisy when new
Sizing: Feels large
Would recommend: Yes
Reviewed by Wildrover in Fife

Serious kit producing serious results
First of all and to simply put it: The single best piece of clothing I have ever purchased. Sizing: I purchased the special 6 shirt in store after receiving advice to try the sizes! I personally ended up going for a smaller chest size to allow greater conformity to my body. It fits to a tee and still allows good functional movement at key stress points (across shoulders and arms). Design: brilliant....It has a longer back than the mountain shirt and this is a godsend when rain is battering you from behind! It prevents riding and chafing from your load carrying gear (an issue my friend had with his mountain shirt). Zips in all the right places and the chest pocket is cavernous!( will easily accommodate a O/S map). Colours: black or green....enough said! Functionality: simply superb, I experienced snow, sleet, rain , 65 mph gusts.....pretty much everything the lakes could throw at me and walked away warm. Unfortunately I was stupid enough not buying the hood (despite the shop assistants advice) buy the hood. Even though water poured down my back about 12 hours in....I still kept warm! In essence this smock will take everything you throw at it. As a Paramedic this jacket would undeniably be perfect in the rescue or remote medic field. The jacket also crucially keeps you warm when standing still or your activity level drops (such as putting up the tent or eating grub) Tips and advice: Buy the hood, wear around the house or whilst walking the dog before taking out to work, this will help you judge your sweat point where you can start filling with the side zips. Summary: a jacket at home walking the dog, hunting, walking, camping or getting battered by the weather
Pros: Functional, Easy to keep clean, Really hardy, Amazing
Cons: No hood attached
Sizing: Feels large
Would recommend: Yes
Reviewed by JT in UK

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