RAF Great Coat
RAF Great Coat RAF Great Coat

RAF Great Coat

Product Ref: 01397.   Military Issue - Used
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Further Information
Further Information
  • XS suitable for a 30-32 inch chest
  • Small suitable for a 34-36 inch chest
  • Medium suitable for a 38-40 inch chest
  • Large suitable for a 42-44 inch chest
  • XL suitable for a 46-48 inch chest
Q & A's
Q & A's
Q: I was wondering if you could tell me how you procure these items? What I mean is are they bought by you in irregular amounts or do you actually order them? The reason I ask is because I'm on the lookout for a particular size coat of this type and I would like to know if it's worth waiting to see if you get any, seeing as you'res are the cheapest around ;) Kind regards.
A: We receive batches of these every few weeks, but they are random sizes. So it's just a case of keep checking this web page to see what sizes we have in stock.
Q: I love these coats and desperately am trying to find one but i was wondering if the male RAF great coat is a different style to the women's one?
A: No, these are for both male and female.
Q: What are the chest measurements on the XS size and how long is it from shoulder to bottom of coat?
A: An XS measures approx 18 inches from armpit to armpit, and the length is approx 44 inches.
Q: What's the length of this coat from shoulder to hem?
A: A medium measures approximately 47 inches.
Q: I noticed one question was asked about insignia, is it possible to specifically order one with out any insignia's on the shoulder?
A: You can specify your preference when ordering, but we cannot guarantee that we will have one in stock that meets your requirements.
Q: What material and what weight? Is it lined? Waterproof?
A: There is no label indicating the material, but it appears to be a heavy woolen type fibre. A medium weighs approx 2.3kg. It is unlined and not fully waterproof.
Q: Is there any ensignias or badges on this coat
A: Some of them have insignia on the shoulders.
Q: Do you have access to an RAF greatcoat to fit a 48" chest. My son is 6' plus, and needs a coat for a play he is doing at college.
A: The large size measures exactly 24 inches from armpit to armpit across the front.
Q: is this a traditional WW2 style coat like captian Jack wears in Torchwood/Dr Who?
A: It is very similar but without the shoulder epaulettes.