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New Soldier 95 Goretex Jacket

Product Ref: 01917.   Military Issue - New
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Further Information
Further Information
Brand new, still sealed in plastic wrapping, British Army Soldier 95 gore-tex jacket. Fully waterproof and breathable. Only one size available (large). These do come up quite large as they are designed to be worn over other layers of clothing.
Q & A's
Q & A's
Q: What does new soldier 95 goertex mean
A: Soldier 95 is the camouflage pattern and jacket style produced by the British Army. Goretex is the waterproof material it is made from.
Q: Are these jackets available non-camo? i.e. plain
A: Sorry no.
Q: Could you tell me how many pockets this jacket has?
A: It has 2 bellow chest pockets on the outside of the jacket.
Q: I am looking for a camouflage jacket that is waterproof and breathable which I need for hunting. It must also be a quiet fabric which doesn't rustle. Does this coat match this description?
A: It does rustle to a certain degree, but is much quieter than some of the non-breathable waterproof fabrics, e.g. the British Army PVC clothing.
Reviews (any views expressed are solely those of the reviewer)
It's a nice coat.
Seriously. You'll be like the homeless guy in "Batman Begins" Who Bruce Wayne gives his coat to. You'll put it on and walk away saying. "This is a nice coat. It's a nice coat". It really is a nice coat. Got the Lightweight MTP earlier this year. Which is very good. But the way it's been p*ssing down recently. I realised I needed a coat with a hood, This has a hood. Which rolls up and packs away into the collar. A bit like the RN 'Foul weather smock' I had. Which was a good coat, but it was tired and eventually no amount of Nikwax products or silicon spray was going to make it any good again. Handy tip for buying Government surplus stuff. If you can get 'New and Unissued', like this coat. Get that one. The hood is massive. Which means you can wear it with a 'hard hat' at work. Duh! It was probably designed to be worn with a... a... Whatever the army call their hard hats. The chunky zip is loads better than the Light weight MTP zip. I keep catching the fabric on the left of the zip on my Light weight MTP. Chunky zips #FTW. It was on Sale. So cost me £50. I couldn't get anything this good by Berghaus, Craghoppers, Karrimor, North Face or any of the other quality outdoor clothing manufacturers for that money. The only problem. It's not black. I prefer my clothes to be black. It's in a colour called 'Desert DP' - Which I assume means Desert Disruptive Pattern. But for staying dry in the weather we've been having. I can deal with that. Sizing. My LWMTP was 180/100, which they call 'Large'. This is 180/104 It's 'roomier' than my LWMTP, But the fit is different. So it works for me.
Pros: Cheaper than buying a brand name, It's a nice coat., Has a hood. , Waterproof as F*ck
Cons: Desert DP is a rubbish colour
Sizing: Feels about right
Would recommend: Yes
Reviewed by Neil in WV6