Genuine Used Male Parade Shoes

Genuine Used Male Parade Shoes

Product Ref: 01341.   Military Issue - Used
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Info from Amazon

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Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. #ad
Further Information
Further Information
  • DMS sole
  • Leather toecap
  • Leather upper
  • 5 eyelet lace system
These are genuine issue RAF male parade shoes, but are used, so expect visible signs of wear.
Now reduced to clear - last size remaining.
Q & A's
Q & A's
Q: do the heels have a metal heel protector on the bottom of the shoe
A: Very occasionally we get a pair with this, but generally not. We do sell the Blakey heel and toe plates separately though.
Q: could you tell me if these shoes have a steel toe cap and what sort of condition they are.
A: No they do not have a steel toe cap. As these are used, the condition varies. They are still wearable but we cannot guarantee their cosmetic appearance.
Q: I was wondering if I put an order in, is it possible to receive a pair with painted toe caps.
A: You can certainly put a request in with your order, but it's subject to availability so we might not be able to send a painted pair.
Q: do they have a hard toe cap
A: The toe cap is certainly harder than the rest of the shoe, but not a steel toe cap.
Q: What are the toe caps like. what are the soles like. When they were in RAF are the toe caps polished or painted
A: As these are genuine issue used condition, we have no control over their appearance. Some are polished, some are painted, some are neither.
Q: As these parade shoes are grade 1, are they already polished to some degree, or are they stripped?
A: As they are used, they come in a variety of conditions - some polished, some stripped.
Q: Are the parade shoes new?
A: No, they are used, grade 1 condition. We do also sell new ones.
Q: Sorry to bother you again, but will the shoes be exactly the same as on the picture? Does the toe cap have double stitching or single?
A: They will be of the same design as pictured, and the toe cap has double stitching.
Reviews (any views expressed are solely those of the reviewer)
Apprehensive at first...
As stated in the title I was apprehensive at first. When I popped into the Wolverhampton store to pick up the shoes they didn't look brilliant. The toe caps were highly polished, but has cracked as they'd dried in storage. The rest of the shoes looked like they'd never seen a tin of polish. The very helpful gent in the shop assured me they'd polish up nicely with a few coats and even took the time to use a bit of polish to show me, despite the fact that the store was just about to close! Long story short, I got the shoes home and with just one coat of polish they looked as good as new. Having tried them they also seem to be extremely comfortable and well made, complete with deep rubber treads and a proper welted sole.
Pros: Well made, Very shiney on the toe cap, Comfortable
Cons: Looked quite rough before polish
Sizing: Feels about right
Would recommend: Yes
Reviewed by Richard in Tipton, West Midlands

Good for the money
I read the other reviews so didn't have high hopes for these shoes, but I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. OK, there were signs of wear, but then you'd expect that with a used pair of shoes, but a quick polish later and I was very pleased with them. I guess it's hit and miss what condition the pair you get is in.
Pros: Comfy, Great price, Well made
Cons: none
Would recommend: Yes
Reviewed by WarHammer in Swansea

I ordered the shoes and go a quick delivery but they came in a poor condition and they looked as if they had been painted and all the polish had cracked off, and no amount of ard work and kiwi black could fix it.
Pros: If they are not ruined its great, Fast delivery, Cheap
Cons: Come showing wear and tear
Sizing: Feels about right
Would recommend: No
Reviewed by Geoman in London

Brilliant Price but..
The price is brilliant of these shoes. But please beware that you may get a terrible condition pair of shoes. Delivery is quick, but also happy about the 14 day return. Finally my pair of shoes only has one lace, when obviously you need two
Pros: May get a bulled pair, Price
Cons: Only got one lace
Would recommend: Yes
Follow-up by Meanandgreen: Sorry you only got one lace with these, we normally send a new pair of laces if we see they are missing. We'll put a pair in the post to you.
Reviewed by CherylStepGaga in Shropshire

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