Ex-Army British Assault Boots
Ex-Army British Assault Boots Ex-Army British Assault Boots Ex-Army British Assault Boots

Ex-Army British Assault Boots

Product Ref: 00062.   Military Issue - Used
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Further Information
Further Information
  • Soldier 95 issue
  • Black leather upper
  • Sewn-in tongue to top
  • Features 3 eyelets and 4 closed hook speedlace system with mid-lace lock
  • Reinforced toecaps
  • Approx weight of a pair of size 11M is 2200g
This has been the standard British Army Boot for years. Now being replaced by brown boots in the forces, they are still a popular choice for military and civilian use.
Leather uppers, rubber soles and reinforced toecaps make for a rugged boot which offers a good level of water resistance. The boots feel sturdy underfoot, and offer good ankle support.
These are used boots and so may arrive with some mud on them and various scuffs and scratches, but they have plenty of life left in them.
These are very popular with many types of people and are used for walking, hiking, gardening, motorcycling, as work boots and for cadets. It doesn't stop there though - these are a popular fashion boot and can easily be worn every day if that's your style.
We cannot offer any guarantees as to the cosmetic condition of these boots and they are very limited availability.
Q & A's
Q & A's
Q: Is the re-enforced toe cap as heavy as steel top cap, are you able to run in these, do assault course and drill etc
A: It is not as heavy as a steel toe no. You can run and do assault courses etc in them.
Q: Do these boots come with laces of do these need to be ordered separately?
A: They do come with laces.
Q: Can i find out how used the boots in my size are before buying them?
A: Unfortunately, we don't just have one pair per size, we have a large amount of boots and you will be sent a random one in your size.
Q: Are all orders of these boots grade 2? Or to be expected to closely resemble the picture? I'd like to order a pair whenever you have a pair in 7m uk available, but I also really just like how the boots looked in the picture.
A: These boots come in a wide variety of conditions - some may have been hardly worn, some will be heavily scuffed. As they are used, we have no control over this.
Q: Please could you tell me in measurements what is the difference between the small, medium etc
A: Approx small width 4 1/4 inches Approx Medium width 4 1/2 inches Approx Large width 4 3/4 inches
Q: Are these steel toecaps? anA are they noisey when you run?
A: They are reinforced but not steel. They will make some noise, but not as much as boots with hobnails or studs!
Q: Trying to decide whether to get the British Assault Boot or the German Para boot. What is the ankle support like in the British boot? How does it compare with the German boot?
A: Both have similar height on the ankle, but the German para boot has more padding and probably provides some more support.
Q: High am looking to get a pair of the above boots. I'm shoe size 8 (med width) would the same be true of buying the boots or would I need bigger/smaller. Grateful for your advice plse.
A: These do generally come up a little large, but this is to allow room for a thicker pair of socks which are usually worn with these boots. So in view of this, most people are fine with their normal size.
Q: What size are the laces for these boots?
A: Our 180cm laces are suitable for these boots.
Q: Can you Ammo Boots be fitted with segs as the marne cadets need segged boots.Also how long is it for delivery?
A: We do sell segs that could be fitted to ammo boots. We offer a next day delivery option to UK addresses.
Q: Are they easily polishable? As in they are not so scuffed up that a bit of polish cant make them shine?
A: These come in a range of conditions. We guarantee that they will still be wearable, but while some may be near mint condition, others will be well scuffed.
Q: I would like to replace my British Army boots after seven years of loyal service. Are British sizes the same as American sizes? I take about a size 10 in American size.
A: American sizes are one larger than UK sizes. So a US size 10 is a UK size 9.
Q: my son is looking for a pair of army boots as he wants to start training as he wants to go in the army.and he wants to wear army boots wen doing certain exercises.so are these the sort of boots he would wear in the army?? also he is a size 10,so would i need to order a size 10 or a size below.
A: Yes, these are standard issue army boots. He should order a size 10 if he is planning on wearing a thick sock with these as is usual.
Q: I bought a pair from cadet direct but the toe is quite soft and goes out of shape will these do that to?
A: These are genuine issue and have a reinforced toe-cap which is very hard and won't go out of shape.
Q: Would these boots be suitable for CCF at school and for rifle shooting.
A: These are suitable for most cadet groups.
Q: Are the boots fully warterproof?
A: Not fully waterproof, just water resistant.
Q: Is this boot is made by G.B.B. ?
A: There is no manufacturer's information on the boot.
Q: I found a pair of these boots at home from when i was in the CCF at school. They say that they are a size 6, which I am, but they're huge on me (think they must have been my brothers?) Are they generally bigger than standard sizes? I'm looking to buy another pair and don't know which size to choose.
A: These do tend to come up a little large, as it is assumed you will wear a thick sock with them.
Q: I am an artist looking at buying a pair of these for a referance for a painting and was wondering as these are second hand (and you say some of them come scuffed or possibly with wair and tair) weather it would be possible to buy one and ask spesifically for a pair that has a fair bit of damage/ scuffing on the fron + sides??
A: That's usually the opposite of what we get asked for! But yes, of course. Just put a note in the comments section when you order online and we'll pick out a well worn pair.
Q: I was wondering whether these are the ones you wear in Air Cadets as my daughter would like a pair.
A: Yes they are.
Q: Do these boots come in half sizes?
A: No sorry.
Q: When you say the tongue is sewn in, does that mean the tongue is attached to the boot all the way up?
A: Yes, right to the top.
Q: Do the cadets in the Army cadets wear these boots?
A: Yes.
Q: In general do these boots have scuffs or any other noticable blemishes on the toecap
A: As they are used, they come in a variety of conditions. Some are near-perfect. Some are quite scuffed.
Q: What is "ex-army"? Do you get the boots from any troop directly?
A: They are classed as surplus by the MOD and so passed to us.
Q: I have 2 sets of combat boots, one is like these, but the other is different, instead of the mid lace lock, it just has lace holes all the way up, and it isnt as thick or soft, i was wondering what type of boot these were and where i could get some more?
A: They sound like the high-leg assault boots which we also sell.
Q: Are these boots waterproof because I'm a cadet and the boots I'm issued are like a water container they just let water pour in.
A: They are water repellent but not fully waterproof - for that you would need ones with a gore-tex membrane such as the Lowa boots.
Q: Is the small medium and large refering to the width?
A: Yes.
Q: How high are the boots?
A: A size 8 is approximately 24cm high.
Q: Hi' i was wondering are these boots steel toecap.
A: No, they are re-inforced toes but not steel.
Reviews (any views expressed are solely those of the reviewer)
Third pair
I've had 3 pairs of these boots over the years. The first pair I would describe as 'average' condition, the second pair as 'below average' and the third pair I've just received are virtually mint condition! So it obviously depends what's available when you order but each pair has done me proud to be honest. At this price i'm pretty happy!
Pros: Speed lacing, High ankle, Sturdy
Cons: Variable condition
Sizing: Feels large
Would recommend: Yes
Reviewed by PeteTheMeat in Cardiff

Very very worn
Unfortunately, my boots arrived very very worn,which I could have accepted,but one boot has a very large split in the leather,amongst other minor splits,which is unacceptable. They shouldn't have been sent out,as the large split is very obvious.I can see that one of the soles is coming away as well.very disappointed.The boots are much more worn than the sales photo.unfortunately, it would cost over £10 to return them,so I have no choice but to try and make use of them.
Pros: They are high quality, If you manage to get good pair
Cons: It seemsmany pairs are knowingly, Sent out badly damaged
Would recommend: No
Follow-up by Meanandgreen: Sorry to hear about the problem with the pair you received. I hope the replacement pair we sent you has made up for this.
Reviewed by Disgruntled in Leicester

Poor quality
I wasnt expecting new boots but hoped for something half decent.the boots were filthy and the soles almost worn through on 1 side.these would have caused me issues when walking due to the wedge shaped heel.would have returned if it wasnt for post office ripping me off with postage so did the decent thing and threw them in bin.will never buy boots again after this issue and some jungle boots what lasted a week till they fell apart.
Pros: Will last along time if looked a
Cons: Decent pair, And its pot luck if u get a , No quality control
Sizing: Feels about right
Would recommend: No
Follow-up by Meanandgreen: Sorry to hear of your disappointment. We don't guarantee the appearance of the boots just that they are still wearable and we are always happy to take back any boots if not satisfied.
Reviewed by Dave in Leeds

Best Boots
Bought another pair of these boots for dog walking in all weather. Once again they are comfortable and already worn in. A good dose of polish and they look almost new. Would recommend these to anyone.
Pros: Affordable, Comfortable, Worn in
Cons: none
Would recommend: Yes
Reviewed by Zander Noble in Cruden Bay, Aberdeenshire

Excellent value
Loads of wear left in these boots. Just polished them up and they were good as new. Ideal for long hikes over rough terrain. Very quick delivery to Ireland. Will definitely buy another pair
Pros: Really sturdy , Great fit , Excellent quality
Cons: none
Sizing: Feels about right
Would recommend: Yes
Reviewed by John in Ireland

Well worth the money
Bought a pair of these bad boys for going to festivals as welly boots can be uncomfortable. A great price for boots already worn in. A bit of polish and they were the business, would recommend these to anyone! :-)
Pros: Affordable, Comfortable, Strong, Warm
Cons: None I can think of
Would recommend: Yes
Reviewed by Zander Noble in Cruden Bay, Aberdeenshire

Good boots but delivered mixed
I received mixed boots. Each boot comes from different pair of boots. Each boot is of good quality but looks strange when I wear them together. Maybe I start to walk in one boot each time:) The shop proposed me a refund of 10 GBP. I accepted the proposal as I am from Poland and cost of sending the boots back was to high to make sense. It is a pity the quality control in the shop is on such a low level.
Pros: Good fit, Good condition
Cons: Mixed pairs possible , Lack of quality control
Sizing: Feels about right
Would recommend: No
Follow-up by Meanandgreen: Sorry to hear about the slight mismatch which we missed when packing the boots, but I'm glad we were able to reach a solution.
Reviewed by Robert in Poland, Warsaw

Excellent Serviice
Just a quick thank you to all at M&G for the excellent boots and customer service They recently provided me with. I have ordered this product previously and would thoroughly recommend them.
Pros: Excellent value, Hard wearing
Cons: none
Sizing: Feels about right
Would recommend: Yes
Reviewed by Kepbro05 in West Bromwich

Good item to purchase
On opening the package which also contained a pair of german para boots , I found my british army assault boots . on inspection I found the leather was a little dry , but nothing a bit of work with dubbing wouldn't cure . some wear to the soles , but again, they are used , so what do you expect ? Correct size so a good fit . definitely worth the money . just need a little bit of work , but nothing major.
Pros: Hood service, Good condition, Good fit
Cons: Leather a little dry
Would recommend: Yes
Reviewed by Stalin in Frinton on sea

Great boots, have survived the snows,
I bought a pair of these boots when at Nottingham uni for the bad winter a few years ago. They have lasted and proved very suitable for all conditions that can be thrown at them in the Scottish highlands over the last few years.
Pros: Long lasting, Great delivery, Very durable
Cons: none
Sizing: Feels about right
Would recommend: Yes
Reviewed by D Ramsbottom in Notts/Aberdeen

Great buy
Even better than expected - couple of scuffs, but nothing serious at all, and plenty of life left in the soles. Just what I wanted.
Pros: none
Cons: none
Sizing: Feels about right
Would recommend: Yes
Reviewed by Richard in Telford

Good quality
Bought a pair of these boots last christmas from another shop and i'm happy to say they are still going strong inspite of almost everyday use.the leather is quite good and will keep your feet dry from the occasional dip in the stream or the sudden downpours in the rainy season. my only gripe is that the boot traction is not as good on wet/mossy bedrock. a bit slippery if you're not ready.watch out for that! aside from that i would recommend this boot anytime.
Pros: Good,solid leather
Cons: Poor traction on wet bedrock
Sizing: Feels about right
Would recommend: Yes
Reviewed by Ryan in Manila,philippines

Well worth the money
As described the boots a received have clearly seen some use and have visible wear on them. But they polished up very nicely and I can say from experience that they clearly have plenty of life left in them, 1-2 years I would say. Having previously spent £70 on a pair of brand new karrimor boots and had problems after only 3 months I can safely say these are brilliant every day use boots for this money.
Pros: Good value for money, Great ankle support &flexibility, Very comfortable
Cons: none
Sizing: Feels about right
Would recommend: Yes
Reviewed by James S in Merseyside

Initial Problem - Soon Rectified
I bought these boots - knowing what I was getting in for as had seen these in the shop in the past. I received these boots as on the day/time advertised so no complaints about delivery. I wore those boots around the garden (to break them in and acclimatise and after on days' wear the soles of each boot had started to split to the point the left boot sole had a hole in and able to see the insole of the boot. A little disgruntled that a product which is built to be worn extensively (running in all terrain etc) I contacted mean and green. The next day I received a response and they took prompt steps to rectify the problem and promptly arranged a replacement pair within normal delivery times. The second pair that came had received much more wear than the other boots (I concluded that these were going to last much longer as obviously the previous owner had used them with great vigour) and, true to my expectations, these boots have polished up well enough to pass muster, and no sole deterioration has occurred. Full marks for the product and the customer service!
Pros: Combat Ready, Excellent Quality, Well-Made, Comfortable, Durable
Cons: none
Sizing: Feels about right
Would recommend: Yes
Reviewed by Jonesy in Walsall, UK

Great buy
Excellent love these boots cant really beat them excellent price excellent value excellent condition
Pros: Great condition, Waterproof , Hardwearing
Cons: You dont know the condition, Before purchase
Would recommend: Yes
Reviewed by Andrew in Somerset

Brilliant purchase.
Was looking for something heavy duty for everyday wear during the torrential rains around mid Jan/Feb so I picked up a pair of these. Boots were in great condition when they arrived, very little wear and tear bar some minor scuffs on the toes. Came with laces although I swapped those out 'cause they were a bit knackered. Boots are incredibly comfortable now I've broken them in (again) and the fit is great. Would recommend to anyone looking for a pair of outdoor shoes.
Pros: Excellent quality, Comfortable
Cons: none
Sizing: Feels about right
Would recommend: Yes
Reviewed by Tom in Portsmouth

Solid Boot
Based on the description and FAQs when you buy these you have to take pot luck whether you get a decent pair or ones heavily worn and scuffed. For the boots, I seam to have been lucky. There are scuffs on them but nothing that a bit of polish won't hide and lets face it once you've used new ones in the field a couple of times they'll end up scuffed as well. They fit well and the inner sole has some padding. They are comfortable and have a lot of grip left on the sole so should last a few years. Unfortunately I do have one grievance. My boots were received with just one lace (which tied them both together). If I had known they wouldn't have had laces then I would have ordered some at the same time after all they are only 1.95. Instead I've had to go out my way to buy some at twice the price before I could try them on. A little bullet point "may not have laces" could have saved a lot of trouble.
Pros: Already broken in, Good qualtity plenty life left, Comfortable, Good support
Cons: Quality is pot luck, No laces
Sizing: Feels about right
Would recommend: Yes
Follow-up by Meanandgreen: Sorry to hear you didn't get a full pair of laces. We normally throw a new pair in when we see that they are missing on any used boots but we must have missed this pair. We'll put a pair in the post to you anyway now and apologies again.
Reviewed by Kram in Gateshead

Excellent boots
These British army boots are the best boots I've ever worn! Having previously used German Army para boots for hiking and general outdoor stuff I was interested to see how different the British army boots were. Well, the German army boots are fantastic but quite chunky and heavy. These boots are lighter and less chunky but just as comfortable, plus I like the sturdier sole on these ones. Both boots are great, but I now a to the British army ones! They also arrived in very good condition, in fact they were well polished although I will be giving them a good coat of dubbin to make sure they are water resistant. These boots are an absolute bargain, I can't recommend enough!
Pros: Good ankle support, Excellent value, Already broken in, Good condition
Cons: none
Sizing: Feels about right
Would recommend: Yes
Reviewed by GDP74 in Buckinghamshire

Like big leather slippers
I bought these today because I was tired of having cold, leaky trainers. I popped into the Wolverhampton store and found a pair of used assault boots (UK 11 Large). They are in great nick, soles/treads nearly new and the tops still had a slight shine. The staff were really helpful and recommended I pair these boots with the thermal socks. My feet are toasty now and it's like having on a pair of slippers - these boots look and feel like they are made to last. Cheers Mean & Green.
Pros: Nearly New, Sturdy , Comfortable, Warm
Cons: none
Sizing: Feels about right
Would recommend: Yes
Reviewed by Andy in Wolverhampton

Fantastic boots!
Received my boots this morning, they were in brilliant condition! Extremely pleased with them.
Pros: Great ankle support , Great condition
Cons: none
Sizing: Feels about right
Would recommend: Yes
Reviewed by Adam in Wiltshire

Just what I wanted.
The boots I got, size 11L, arrived in good time, tracked to the door. They were scuffed, but polish will sort that out no problem. Very little wear to the soles, and had obviously had a fair bit of polish over them during their service life. There were two sets of insoles in them, initially I did wonder if I had ordered the wrong size, but removal of insoles cured that 'problem'. Overall, very pleased with the purchase, and happy to order more.
Pros: Cheaper than new :), Leather already broken in, Good quality
Cons: A bit scruffy, not a problem, Been muddy, some inside.
Sizing: Feels about right
Would recommend: Yes
Reviewed by Big Sandy in Highland region

Affordable, Dependable
I bought two pairs, one pair for field work and one pair for 'smarter' occasions. Very comfortable, very supportive for feet. Good valur for money!
Pros: Polish well, Fast Delivery, Affordable, Comfortable, Durable
Cons: Very slightly scuffed
Sizing: Feels about right
Would recommend: Yes
Reviewed by Jon M in Europe, Central Asia

Good value for money
I was very happy with the product. They are very comfy and fit very well. They have very good foot protection and support ankle well. You can feel how strong they are and know they will last a long time. Nice new laces and with a lot off elbow grease will come up nice. Very happy!!!
Pros: Structually strong (will last), Broke in , Very good support, Fit perfectly, Comfy
Cons: Little scuffed at the front
Sizing: Feels about right
Would recommend: Yes
Reviewed by Chris in Stockport

2nd pair just as good!!
True to my word I ordered another pair of these boots and with the exception of a loop on the top rear being ripped (they are used, so who cares) they are awesome!! Thanks again M & G!
Pros: Comfortable, Sturdy
Cons: Loop on one boot ripped.
Sizing: Feels about right
Would recommend: Yes
Reviewed by John Strangeway in Stanhope, NJ U.S.A.

Got these boots today and they are almost brand new!!! just some surface dirt that came right off. The lether is soft and the soles look they were just put on. Comfy right out of the bag. I will be ordering atleast one more pair!
Pros: Lightweight, Leather strong and pliable, Like New
Cons: none
Sizing: Feels about right
Would recommend: Yes
Reviewed by Strangepair03 in NJ U.S.A.

Subject Lines are Cliché
Great quality and fits as well as any ludicrously expensive tailor made shoe would.
Pros: Comfortable, quality insole, Can be polished using bacon rind, Does not smell like old bacon
Cons: Thin, short laces, Lack of free bacon
Sizing: Feels about right
Would recommend: Yes
Reviewed by Jeff the Slayer of Giants in London

Good quality at a good price
Just received the second pair of boots ordered from M&G. The first pair were A1 and lasted for a good few years of daily use. This pair is good quality, a few nicks and scuffs but very presentable once polished up. One of the heels was more worn on one side than the other. But that is what you get when they used to be someone else's!
Pros: Good quality, No major defects, Waterproof
Cons: Slightly worn heel on one boot
Sizing: Feels about right
Would recommend: Yes
Reviewed by Ian Mc in Cambridge UK

As Mean As They Come
Despite the condition there is one thing you CAN depdend on. Quality. However they come, scuffs, scrapes, pock mocks and all they will just keep going and going like a Duracell. Having used a new issued pair whilst in the TA and ACF, doing everything in one pair from parades, shooting, assault courses to fieldcraft you can count on them to come back as good as they were when issued. All they need is some good old TLC. However you mould them to your feet be it bathing them whilst on, breaking hard points with a hammer or simply wearing them after a while you'll hardly notice them being Army boots. Dubbin or polish them, or even nikwax and they'll be as water-proof as their gore-tex pals. All I'll say is, is if you ARE wanting Parade boots at a reasonable price ask someone; your Grandad, Dad, a current or Ex-Serviceman/woman how to sort 'em and they'll tell you; polish, polish and more polish.
Pros: none
Cons: none
Sizing: Feels about right
Would recommend: Yes
Reviewed by Jim in Cheshire

My husband got these boots,first ones had a cut down the side,but we were sent out a new pair the next day!Even though second hand,boots in excellent condition! Husband does a lot of B.B shooting and they're a good sturdy boot! Well worth the money-bargain at that. Will def be buying from this site again!!
Pros: Hardwearing, Excellent condition
Cons: none
Would recommend: Yes
Reviewed by Chrissy in Northern Ireland

The boots arrived faster than expected, and despite a bit of scuffing and wear are in great condition. Didn't realise how much height the soles added, brilliant overall. Advertised as needing 180cm laces, but 140cm work 180 leave way too much spare lace. Also, mine had the soldiers name and number written on them, pretty cool.
Pros: Real authenticity, Sturdy, hard wearing boots, Fair condition, Fast delivery
Cons: none
Sizing: Feels about right
Would recommend: Yes
Reviewed by Liam in West Yorkshire

Worth the price
They are very very good boots, i use them for almost anything and ive had them 2 to 3 years. The can survive anything even my cat using them as a scratch post. You might find a blister or two after first few days of wearing but everyshoes like that just have to break them in abit more. Although mine were second hand, the second hand ones ar ein excellent condition and would just need a good old polish over scuffs to get the amazing shine out of them.
Pros: Comfortable, Strong, Lightweight, Durable
Cons: none
Sizing: Feels about right
Would recommend: Yes
Reviewed by Danny69 in Wolverhampton

Quality boots
Well what can i say, for value for money you can't really get better, worth three times the price, water proof up to the top, great grip, these are what forest gump would call "my go anywhere shoes" well boots, but you know what i mean! i have worn them in all weather and are with out a doupt my best pair of boots/shoes i own!
Pros: Allready worn in, They last for ages, Excellent value for money, Water proof, Great grip
Cons: None!
Sizing: Feels about right
Would recommend: Yes
Reviewed by Matthew roberts in Kent

Pleasantly suprised!
Wanted a sturdy pair of boots for the coming winter weather,having looked at pages of examples finally discovered these,at what seemed a bargain price even though they were not new.Arrived promptly and i have to say on first inspection,look a good purchase.
Pros: Brand new laces., Fit perfectly,sized 11/ medium., Upper boot in great condition.
Cons: Heels slightly worn.
Would recommend: Yes
Reviewed by Rob67 in Staffordshire.

I ordered 2 pairs, one size 12 wide fitting, one size 8 also wide fitting, mine (the 12s) fit like a glove and i am well happy, the wifes (the 8s) came with a crushed toe cap, i contacted these guys and was immediately offered a pair of size 9s wide fitting, but before we went to the trouble of sending them back we tried the oldest trick in the book, boil kettle pour in boots, massage the toes. worked a treat, they now fit her like a glove, waterproofed them both with vaseline (try it, it works and makes them supple) and then Dubbin and plenty of polish, these will walk through a marsh and keep your feet bone dry, in a couple of weeks i'll be ordering another 2 pairs, these boots were bought for a winters motorcycling and for everything else that boots are for during winter on the bike and fishing, highly recommended, just remember these are EX Army so expect scuffed or grotty but they buff up like a dream
Pros: Pure bikers boots, Waterproof (if you copy my idea:, Good solid trustworthy footwear, Dry and warm in winter
Cons: Nothing!
Sizing: Feels about right
Would recommend: Yes
Reviewed by Steve in Blackpool, UK

Can't complain at this price!
I realise it's a bit of luck of the draw what condition you get your boots in with the ex army ones, but i have to say mine were very good. Sole had hardly any wear, front was a little scuffed but soon polished that out. For this price I think they are a really good buy.
Pros: Genuine issue, Comfortable, Hardwearing, Great value
Cons: none
Sizing: Feels large
Would recommend: Yes
Reviewed by Harry in Cov

Do not buy for cadets, too scuffed to polish
Used ? Scuffed ? it looked like someone had spent a week kicking a brickwall with them. The whol toe area was scuffed to base leather with large chunks missing. return postage not paid!!
Pros: none
Cons: Return postage not paid, Scuffed beyond belief
Sizing: Feels about right
Would recommend: No
Follow-up by Meanandgreen: Sorry to hear of your disappointment. These do come in a range of conditions. We guarantee that they will still be wearable, but while some may be near mint condition, others will be well scuffed.
Reviewed by Annoyed_of_Essex in Essex

Great Boots
I paid £30 for a pair of these at a local surplus store, they were a great buy. Being comfortable and hard wearing. Sizes are quite a bit bigger as they are normally worn with thick socks.
Pros: Comfortable, Strong
Cons: Slightly worn
Would recommend: Yes
Reviewed by CC289 in Newcastle Upon Tyne

Solid and practical
Boots that you can go downtown in or to the mountains. Thick sole and very nice speed lace system are a bonus.
Pros: Good solid boots, nice price
Cons: Worn laces
Sizing: Feels about right
Would recommend: Yes
Reviewed by Pall v in Iceland

Great for the Countryside of Scotland
So there I was, getting ready for a long weekend out in the countryside of the Highlands of Scotland when I found out my old Combat boots had given up the ghost! So what did I do, I ordered a size 9 pair of these boots, which arrived earlier than I expected, but for me this was great. Weekend went fantastic, all thanks to these boots, they were perfect for climbing up the steep hillsides, stomping over the heather and for walking nearly anywhere. What more can a man ask from a pair of boots? Apart from asking them to do the job they were made for, and they certainly did that and more!
Pros: Comfortable, already broken in,
Cons: None
Would recommend: Yes
Reviewed by Scotsriever in Aberdeenshire.Scotland

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