British Army Parachute
British Army Parachute British Army Parachute

British Army Parachute

Product Ref: 02614.   Military Issue - Used
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Further Information
Further Information
  • British Army genuine issue
  • Weight approx 6.5kg
  • Diameter approx 9m
This is a used genuine issue parachute from the British Army. Please note that the material has been intentionally slashed for safety purposes and the cords cut. So we can't recommend jumping out of a plane with one of these, but we can recommend them as a cheap hide cover or huge shelter for a playgroup!
The images were taken on the roof of our warehouse - the only place big enough to display it properly!
Please note that due to the size and weight of this item it is available for delivery to addresses in the UK only.
Q & A's
Q & A's
Q: Are these rectangular or round? Any dimentions? Pity you slash them. Almost defeats the object of buying one. With no chord or harness, They are not much use for jumping so why slash them?
A: They are round with an approx diameter of 9m. We receive them already slashed, the MOD won't release them without the slashes.
Q: does it come with any para cord attached, or has it been completely removed?
A: Most of them have "some" cord attached, but not much.
Reviews (any views expressed are solely those of the reviewer)
Copious Rip-Stop
I needed lots of cheap rip-stop material to line the insides of some sandbags I'm making for myself and friends to use in circuit training. I was also curious what a parachute was like 'close up', having never thrown myself out of a plane. £10 to satisfy my curiosity and build a stock of suitable sandbag material? Bargain, mate.
Pros: Lots and lots of rip-stop, Rip-stop
Cons: Much waste as slit all over
Would recommend: Yes
Reviewed by Mark in Maidstone