British Army 24hr Ration Pack - Vegetarian Menu 8
British Army 24hr Ration Pack - Vegetarian Menu 8 British Army 24hr Ration Pack - Vegetarian Menu 8 British Army 24hr Ration Pack - Vegetarian Menu 8

British Army 24hr Ration Pack - Vegetarian Menu 8

Product Ref: 03243.   Military Issue - New
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Further Information
Further Information
  • Vegetarian menu 8 (see below for contents)
  • Genuine British army issue
  • Ready to eat
  • Requires no refrigeration
  • Long shelf life
Food is vitally important to morale. A ration pack with a variety of choices and nutritious and well-balanced food reduces fatigue and can sustain you during severe and demanding conditions.
These ration packs are the exact ones currently being issued to the British army. They are designed for multi-climates and are suitable for military, emergency services, disaster relief, civil aid, adventure sports, outward bound, Duke of Edinburgh, festivals, etc.
The pack contains everything you need to survive while out and about in the wilderness. It includes an assortment of snacks, meals and drinks to keep you active throughout the day. The contents provide over 4000 kcal of energy.
These have been legitimately sourced from the official manufacturer that supplies the British military and we are an authorised stockist. If you see others for sale elsewhere, check they do not have the "MOD use only" stamp on the side - this indicates they have been obtained illegally and should be avoided.
Contents of Vegetarian Menu 8:
Breakfast: Vegetarian all day breakfast, Toasted muesli.
Main Meal: Vegetable korma, Pilau rice, Tabasco green.
Snacks: Oatmeal block, Apricot jam, Peanut butter x 2, Fruit cake, Nuts cocktail, Caramel bar, Cranberry bar.
Drinks: Raspberry isotonic drink powder, Lemon energy drink, Orange energy drink, Grapefruit energy drink, Caramel hot chocolate drink, Apple/raspberry/blackberry fruit puree.
Other: Teabags x 2, Sachet sugar x 4, Beverage whiteners x 4, Chewing gum x 3, Coffee sticks x 2, Water sterilising tablets, Waterproof matches, Resealable bag, Spork, Tissues, Antibacterial wipes.
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Image of contents is for illustration only. Please refer to text above for contents included in this menu.
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