Bates 8 Inch Delta 8 iCS Boots
Bates 8 Inch Delta 8 iCS Boots Bates 8 Inch Delta 8 iCS Boots Bates 8 Inch Delta 8 iCS Boots Bates 8 Inch Delta 8 iCS Boots Bates 8 Inch Delta 8 iCS Boots Bates 8 Inch Delta 8 iCS Boots Bates 8 Inch Delta 8 iCS Boots

Bates 8 Inch Delta 8 iCS Boots

Product Ref: 03473.   Civilian Issue - New
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Further Information
Further Information
  • Full grain leather and ballistic nylon uppers
  • Individual Comfort System (ICS) for superior comfort
  • Side zip - allows for ease and speed taking or putting on footwear
  • Breathable mesh liner
  • Water Resistant
  • Non-metallic - security friendly - undetectable in electronic security enviromnets. Footwear features non-metallic shank, hardware and construction
  • Cement construction - similar to athletic/running shoe construction, this method is lightweight and highly flexible
  • Slip resistant - has passed SATRA WTM144 test for slip resistance
For the ultimate in comfort, try these boots which feature Bates' Individual Comfort System (ICS) technology. This is a removable disc in the midsole which can be rotated among four zones to control firmness, cushion, inward and outward stability. Test each option and see the difference it makes when walking. This is a real breakthrough in advanced comfort technology that gives you the freedom to choose the setting that provides the most comfort and support for you.
Bates is an American company with a 120 year history. They are one of the largest suppliers of footwear to the US federal government and Department of Defense. Unlike most competitors, Bates' entire business is making footwear for military, police and other uniformed public services. Over 1.5 million pairs of Bates boots and shoes are purchased each year.
This style is now reduced to clear - last size remaining.
Reviews (any views expressed are solely those of the reviewer)
Reliable and comfortable
I bought these boots a few months ago, this was on the recomendation of the chap in the shop. In a nutshell- brilliant. So far they have kept me warm and dry in rain, snow and ALOT of mud. The flip side is the breathability compared to magnums is supurb! The boot really helps prevent foot fatigue when both spending alot of time physically moving (read fast walking) and or driving. The 8inch can be odd, but this boot provides support and comfort which is further enhanced by using the ics system which helps with various ground types! ( I feel it does really work). The only complaint is that the boot is physically quite large, but, its weight and fastening system have allowed me to move quickly with confidence (they dont feel like clogs)
Pros: Grippy, Hardwearing, Comfort, Breathability
Cons: Size can be an issue
Sizing: Feels about right
Would recommend: Yes
Reviewed by JT in West Mids