Folding Hair Brush
Folding Hair Brush Folding Hair Brush Folding Hair Brush Folding Hair Brush

Folding Hair Brush

Product Ref: 00923.   Military Style - New
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Further Information
Further Information
Folds to approx. 10cm x 3cm (4'' x 1''), features a mirror within the handle. Colour may vary from that pictured.
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Folds, Brushes Hair
Yeah that’s pretty much it, it folds and brushes hair... I mean if you are expecting this to incorporate a digital fax machine or tea and coffee making facility you will likely be disappointed but otherwise... Saying that it does seem to come apart a little easily, perhaps it’s for cleaning purposes but I feel it stands a chance of simply dismantling itself and distributing its components amongst my luggage... so I might take some glue to it.
Pros: Black, Cheap, ...with red bits, Mirror deters thieving vampires
Cons: Comes apart disturbingly easily, Significantly less than £100
Would recommend: Yes
Reviewed by Jeff 'Hairy' Jeffries in London