Alpha Industries ALS/92 Jacket Liner
Alpha Industries ALS/92 Jacket Liner Alpha Industries ALS/92 Jacket Liner Alpha Industries ALS/92 Jacket Liner

Alpha Industries ALS/92 Jacket Liner

Product Ref: 01026.   Military Style - New
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Info from Amazon
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  • The liner is intended to be used under the m-65 jacket or it can be worn alone as a lightweight jacket
  • The als/92 liner has buttonhole tabs to attach to the field coat, as well as fabric binding around the pockets and bottom hem for long-lasting construction
  • The 2 front patch pockets are very useful when worn under the m-65 or as a stand alone jacket
  • Wear the liner by itself as a jacket, the classic quilted styles is a great addition in transitional climates
  • Classic military fit
  • Care Instruction : Machine wash cold, gentle cycle. Do not bleach. Tumble dry low. Do not iron or dry clean
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Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. #ad
Further Information
Further Information
  • Knit cuffs
  • Liner can be worn separately as a light-weight jacket
  • Binding around pockets and edges
  • Ripstop nylon outer fabric with polyester batting interlining
  • Button-hole tabs for attachment to M-65 Field Coat
The ALS/92 Liner enhances the warmth of the M-65. Unlike other liners, it can also be reversed and worn separately as a lightweight jacket.
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Q & A's
Q & A's
Q: hi could you please tell me the chest size and arm length size on the liner on the medium and large thankyou mark
A: Hi. The liners are made to fit inside the Alpha M65, so based upon those sizes a Medium is suitable for approx 37-41" chest, and the Large 41-45" chest. The sleeve length is roughly the same on M, L and XL. Measured from the ing at the shoulder to the very end of the sleeve, they are all approximately 26".
Q: If I have an M65 jacket in a large size do I order the liner in the same size or one size smaller?
A: You will need a liner of the same size.
Q: This is probably a daft question but I thought I better ask before buying.. I have a Medium Alpha M65 jacket, is the corresponding jacked liner also a size Medium?
A: Yes, the medium liner is suitable for the medium jacket.
Q: The alpha industries m65 i have is labelled as an "extra small - regular" - i can't seem to find anywhere that stocks an extra small liner. will a "small" liner be too big for my jacket, or will it fit - button holes lining up etc etc?
A: The small may be an approximate fit with just a small difference in the positioning of the buttons, sleeve length, etc.
Q: The buttonholes on my liner do not seem to line up. There are 3 buttons on the jacket, but 4 buttonholes on the liner.
A: The ALS/92 liner is a universal Alpha liner for a variety of jackets. When used with the M-65, the 3rd buttonhole down can be ignored. The remaining 3 buttonholes should then line up with the buttons on the jacket.
Q: I have bought the alpha M65 jacket and want to buy the lining but i cant see how it attaches to the jacket can you explain?
A: If it is a genuina Alpha M-65 jacket, then you will find a row of 4 buttons down each side of the front of the jacket on the inside behind the zip, and there will be 2 buttons inside the sleeve cuffs.
Reviews (any views expressed are solely those of the reviewer)
Makes the M65 into a proper winter jacket. Despite being light and thin, it's great for keeping you warm. Keep it in the car ready for a cold spell if you need to. The fact that you can reverse it and wear it alone is a real bonus. Several times I've learnt it to a in appropriately dressed friend and kept my M65 on to keep the cold off me!
Pros: Well made, Light, Warm
Cons: Buttons on M65 don't line up
Sizing: Feels about right
Would recommend: Yes
Reviewed by Richard in Tipton

Quality liner does the job
I purchased this Alpha liner for my (M) M65 size which I acquired some years back. However it was a very generous size so am pleased when I saw this excellent liner on sale with M&G. It's made a tremendous difference personally speaking as the warmth factor has increased by at least 45-50% and the Jacket now actually looks better on having the liner fitted. No hesitation in recommending this liner as it's very well made and shoulsd last for many years
Pros: Quality second to none, Added warmth, Bulks out the m65
Cons: None
Would recommend: Yes
Reviewed by Flyerphil in North Wales

Light but Warm
I bought a black liner for my black M65 jacket last month for really cold days. The material seemed very light and shiny and I wasn't sure at first it would live up to its promise: but it does the job well. I walk to work and as November has been getting colder I have started using it more often and am very glad of the purchase. Actually some days I find it too warm and seem to be alternating between removing it and replacing it. When the snow comes it will be a permanent fixture though. A good thing about the M65 is the sleeves are adjustable so I will probably be adding layers underneath. The liner is roomy but the option to wear it as a separate layer might be best if it gets really cold. I am quite happy with the ensemble of jacket and liner. I like the fact that I can wear the same coat in different weather.
Pros: Two Pockets, Warm, Light
Cons: Shiny
Sizing: Feels about right
Would recommend: Yes
Reviewed by Canisavius in North Yorkshire

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