5.11 TDU Belt
5.11 TDU Belt 5.11 TDU Belt

5.11 TDU Belt

Product Ref: 02581.   Civilian Issue - New
This product is no longer available.
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Further Information
Further Information
  • Heavy-duty tactical belt
  • Travel friendly, non-metallic fibre and buckle
  • Re-inforced low profile buckle
  • Double box-stitched for durability
  • Hardened web tip to prevent fraying
  • Small suitable for 28" to 30" waist
  • Medium suitable for 32" to 34" waist
  • Large suitable for 36" to 38" waist
  • XL suitable for 40" to 42" waist
If you are looking for a quality tactical belt at a great price the 5.11 TDU tactical belt with its non-metallic buckle is the one for you. Super-strong nylon webbing has been triple stitched to maintain a great shape and keep the buckle securely in place. The low profile, non-metallic buckle is extremely durable and won't set off metal detectors at airports in the courthouse. The nylon will hold its color through washings, heavy use and exposure to the sun. The tactical belt makes a great tie-down for securing gear when you've run out of tie-down options. We know you'll love this tactical belt.
The 5.11 TDU belt is exceptional value. It is the lowest price 5.11 operator tactical belt, is built to last, and looks great. You can depend on 5.11 Tactical Series to provide you with superior products at great prices.
Sorry, only sizes small and medium now left.
Q & A's
Q & A's
Q: Please could you tell me the width of this belt. Need to know to see if it will go through the trouser waist loops
A: This belt measures 1.5" across.