Survival Knife
Survival Knife Survival Knife Survival Knife Survival Knife

Survival Knife

Product Ref: 03311.   Civilian Issue - New
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Further Information
Further Information
  • Complete survival knife and kit
  • Overall length approx 27cm
  • Blade length approx 15cm
  • Serrated and fine edge blade
  • Leather effect sheath with sharpening stone
  • Hollow handle containing survival kit
  • Liquid filled compass in screw top with two metal wire-saw rings
  • Weight of knife, sheath and accessories approx 170g
Survival kit includes 3 matches, lead weights, needles, fishing hooks, nylon fishing line, wire saw.
Reviews (any views expressed are solely those of the reviewer)
I would not recommend this as a usable survival tool. I purchased this purely as a nostalgia item, having had essentially the same thing as a kid of 12, I couldn't resist the opportunity to get one again just to keep as a collectable piece of my youth.
Pros: Happy memories, Dirt cheap, Disposable
Cons: Basically the whole thing, Cheap steel, Nasty sheath, Plastic handle
Would recommend: No
Reviewed by Fatman in The New Forest

Cheap and cheerful
If I was going to be stranded in the jungle for a month, is this the knife I would choose? No. If I want a cheap and cheerful knife for low cost with all the added extras then yes. So you get what you pay for with this knife - Gerber this aint! Quality isn't all that high, but then neither is the price!
Pros: Cheap price, Lots of components
Cons: Not highest quality
Would recommend: Yes
Reviewed by Scott A in Dunstable

No. just no.
This knife is poorly constructed, the base of the blade is extremely weak, the tang is screwed in so that's another place where the knife could break. The sheath isn't very good either, these knives were based on the knife from Rambo and were mass produced in the 80's and all were poor quality. The sawback also limits the practical uses of the knife and the steel does not hold an edge very well.
Pros: none
Cons: Worthless gimmick , Poor materials, Poor construction
Would recommend: No
Reviewed by George99 in Wolverhampton