I390 3.0mp Stealth Cam
I390 3.0mp Stealth Cam I390 3.0mp Stealth Cam I390 3.0mp Stealth Cam I390 3.0mp Stealth Cam I390 3.0mp Stealth Cam I390 3.0mp Stealth Cam

I390 3.0mp Stealth Cam

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Further Information
Further Information
  • Front counter display shows number of images in memory
  • Test mode to ensure optimum placement of camera
  • 'Burst Mode' technology, programmable to shoot 1-3 pictures or 10 seconds of video when motion is detected
  • External power jack for extended field life for use with 6v lead acid batteries (sold separately)
  • 90 foot flash for superior night-time shots
  • PC requirements: Pentium 200mhz processor, 300mb free disk space, 64mb RAM, VGA display, Windows ME/2000/NT/XP
  • Programmable from 1 to 60 minutes between motion
  • 64mb built in memory for up to 480 images
  • Time and date stamping on every image
  • Expandable CF memory card slot accepts up to 512mb card (sold separately)
Have you ever wondered what happens in your garden when you're not looking? Are you a frustrated wildlife photographer, not getting the shots you want? The answer to these questions, and many more besides, is here - Stealth Cam Motion Cameras.
These unique cameras have found the way to put you in more than one place at the same time. They are used by the BBC Natural History Unit, most recently on a tiny island off the east coast of Africa to search for miniature hippos.
Using PIR (Passive Infrared) Sensor technology, Stealth Cam cameras can start snapping photos from the moment motion or heat is detected - day or night! Whether it is game scouting, viewing wildlife or even commercial and residential security, trust Stealth Cam to call all the right shots. Using cutting-edge multi-patented features, Stealth Cam continues to push the boundaries.
The cameras are designed and built from the ground up with exclusive features, like extended flash ranges and multiple exposure options. All the products are developed with the user in mind and each product is rigorously tested in real life situations before it is approved and produced.
Whatever your needs, the Stealth Cam range is able to fulfill your wildlife or security photographic needs. Set off to the woods today and get started. Then let the Stealth Cam pictures tell the story.
This is a high-resolution 3-megapixel digital camera will capture multiple exposures (one to three images) or 10 seconds of video when motion is detected. Camera is activated by a passive infrared sensor that detects both heat and motion and can be programmed for 1-60 minutes between activations. Comes with 64MB of memory built in. Expandable compact flash memory card slot accepts up to a 1GB card (sold separately). Video-out jack and cable allow you to view images on the Stealth Cam TV monitor (sold separately) or any TV with proper jacks. Compact housing is fully weatherproof. LCD information screen displays modes for easy setup. Flash effective up to 90ft. Includes USB cable, imaging software for PC download, mounting strap and locking plate. Operates on eight D-cell batteries (not included) or a 6-volt lead-acid external battery kit (sold separately).
Q & A's
Q & A's
Q: Will this be ideal for fox, badger pics etc without scaring them with noise and flash?
A: There is virtually no noise from this camera, but this model does have a flash. However, the IR1 5.0mp camera uses infra-red technology rather than a flash.
Q: Can you turn the flash off so it stays off even at night time? What is battery life like, roughly speaking how many med size images might be had from a set without flash use, for example?
A: It is not possible to turn the flash off. There are many factors that come into play with battery life (weather, amount of images taken, resolution, etc.) but we used an IR1 stealth camera with Energizer batteries taking 3 shots per triggering (triggering every 10 minutes) and it lasted over 2 weeks.