Chilly - Personal Water Cooler
Chilly - Personal Water Cooler Chilly - Personal Water Cooler

Chilly - Personal Water Cooler

Product Ref: 02384.   Civilian Issue - New
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Further Information
Further Information
  • Cool refreshing water, anytime, any place
  • Suitable for in-line hydrators (e.g. Camelbak)
  • Cools 1 litre of water by up to 25 degrees C per hour
  • Includes sand/insect cover and tube connector for use when Chilly is not fitted
  • Tested in conjunction with the US Army Soldier Centre, Natick, USA
  • No consumables, no power needed, no moving parts
  • No noise, no pre-cooling - just fill your water bladder and suck through the Chilly - the cooling starts immediately
  • Made from PC/ABS plastic and x-static silver impregnated anti-bacterial fabrics
  • Cooling capacity up to 60 watts
  • Lightweight: 460g
This amazing piece of kit fits on your hydration system (e.g. Camelbak) and chills the water you drink. You can then drink approx 1 litre of cool water per hour which is the maximum the body can usefully use. And the hotter the ambient temperature and the drier the climate, the better the Chilly will work.
To fit to your hydration system: cut the drinking tube where it emerges from outer envelope, plug cut ends onto Chilly inlet and otulet, attach harness to shoulder straps and sides or base of hydration pack, suck water through system until full, initial cooling will take up to 20 mins from filling, performance is then continuous.