Alpha Industries

Alpha Industries is recognised as the largest supplier of flight jackets for the U.S. Air Force, Navy, Army, and Marine Corps. Alpha has also set the standard as a leader in cutting-edge outerwear design. From flight decks to civilian sidewalks, Alpha now stands on the frontlines of quality and fashion. The honest truth is that Alpha is tried and tested and proven.

Travel back to 1959. Knoxville, Tennessee. The United States Department of Defense recruits Alpha to revamp its military jacket. Why? Because as the jet age takes flight to greater heights and ground troops encounter trickier terrain, the technological needs and real-life demands of soldiers change. Simply put, but not simply achieved, Alpha re-engineers outdated designs. As better fabrics are developed and tested, Alpha makes better jackets for soldiers - better designed, better produced, and more reliable. Alpha garments are ranked as warmer, more comfortable, and designed to meet any climatic challenge or test of time.

From the streets of virtually every city in the U.S., to the streets of Europe and Japan, the Alpha name is known. In fact, at one time a single store in Japan had a waiting list of over 900 people hoping to get an Alpha jacket. Alpha continues to produce the same quality garments they began making back in 1959, only now, they adjust and modify their products to meet your demands. Alpha continues to be the most sought after Authentic military brand in Europe and abroad.


To recognise an Alpha original, there are some telltale signs to look for. The first, and easiest to find, is the authentic Alpha three-bar logo. There is a tab version of this logo on the sleeve of Alpha flight jackets. Also, look in the pocket of the reversible models and you should find a larger logo patch in there as well. Finally, look at the black-and-white military specification tag. In between the identification of the type of jacket it is and the actual specifications, there will be three solid black bars. Other signs include the feel of the fabric. Fabric for Alpha jackets has a heavy, high-quality feel. Look closely at the seams and you'll notice authentic Alpha jackets have a distinctive pucker, created by following the strict military standards for tear strength at the seam. And the brass zippers will have the word ALPHA and/or the Alpha logo on them.

Alpha is tried, and tested, and proven. And that's where you come in. Now it's your turn to try it out. View our Alpha Industries range of clothing.