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British Army 24hr Ration Pack - Menu 2

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British Army 24hr Ration Pack - Menu 2

£22.95     Product Ref: 00546.   Military Issue - NewMilitary Issue - New
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Further Information
Further Information
  • Menu 2 (see below for contents)
  • Genuine British army issue
  • Ready to eat
  • Requires no refrigeration
  • Long shelf life
Food is vitally important to morale. A ration pack with a variety of choices and nutritious and well-balanced food reduces fatigue and can sustain you during severe and demanding conditions.
These ration packs are the exact ones currently being issued to the British army. They are designed for multi-climates and are suitable for military, emergency services, disaster relief, civil aid, adventure sports, outward bound, Duke of Edinburgh, festivals, etc.
The pack contains everything you need to survive while out and about in the wilderness. It includes an assortment of snacks, meals and drinks to keep you active throughout the day. The contents provide over 4000 kcal of energy.
These have been legitimately sourced from the official manufacturer that supplies the British military and we are an authorised stockist. If you see others for sale elsewhere, check they do not have the "MOD use only" stamp on the side - this indicates they have been obtained illegally and should be avoided.
Contents of Menu 2:
Breakfast: All day breakfast.
Main meal: Meatballs and pasta, Leek and potato soup, Ginger pudding, Tabasco Green.
Snacks: Apple/peach fruit puree, Dark choc chip biscuit, Fruity oatie biscuit, Cranberry snack bar, Blackcurrant sweets, Peanut butter, Peanut and raisin mix.
Drinks: Raspberry isotonic energy drink, Blackcurrant energy drink, Cherry energy drink, Raspberry energy drink, Hot chocolate orange.
Other: Resealable poly bag, Beverage whitener x 4, Instant coffee x 2, Tea bags x 2, Sugar x 4, Waterproof matches, Anti-bacterial wipes x 2, Tissues, Water purification tablets x 6, Chewing gum x 3, Spoon.
product review Read the British Army Issue 24hr Ration Pack product review.
Image of contents is for illustration only. Please refer to text above for contents included in this menu.
Please note that due to customs restrictions we are unable to send this item outside of the EU.
Q & A's
Q & A's
A: Sorry no, just these single person ones.
A: They do have a range target on the box.
Q: If you buy this purely to have in an emergency survival situation, where would you get the hot water from??
A: The meals can be eaten cold straight out of the bag without the addition of water.
Q: I am looking to gain wieght, would these pack be a good addition to help put on weight?
A: Depending on what exercise you do then yes. These contain more than the adult daily requirement of calories so that they can sustain a person for a 24 hour period of physical exertion.
Q: what are the dates printed on the packs
A: The ration packs don't actually come with a use by date, only a munufacter's date. These packs are designed to last for several years and still remain edible to eat.
Q: Is it able to send this product to Czech Republic? Meaning outside UK?
A: Sorry, due to the weight of this item, this is only for sale within the UK.
Q: Do you have all availible menus for these? Menus A thru G?.....
A: No, we only have certain menus at any one time. You can request a preference when ordering, but we cannot guarantee to have it in stock so may substitute with another.
Q: How much do they weigh per box?
A: Approx 1800g.
Q: What are the dimensions of the cardboard box containing the rations please?
A: It is approx 20 x 20 x 12cm.
Q: What actual items come in this ration pack?
A: Each menu is different, but please see the main description to view a sample list.
Q: Can you give the lifespan on the ration packs
A: There is no specified life span, but they are all sealed and are designed to last years rather than months.
Reviews (any views expressed are solely those of the reviewer)
As good as the last one I had
I recently came back from army cadet camp, during my time there (especially during fieldcraft) we lived on these things. To my surprise most of them tasted really good. So when I was planning my camping trip this week I instantly knew what food to bring because the ration packs are so simple and taste great too. Today I took one out with me while searching for a good spot for my trip and it lived up to my expectations. I will definitely be buying more from this site because they are hard to acquire anywhere else.
Pros: Lots of different menus , Lots of food variety , Tasty , Can eat cold, Filling
Cons: Lots of rubbish and/or packaging, Fairly large , Fairly expensive
Would recommend: Yes
Reviewed by Will in Weymouth on 21 Aug 2014.

Theses ration packs are amazing. i am 15 and use these all the time when i do Duke of Edinburgh. I'm not too picky about the tast of things i eat but these are pretty good, especially the main meals. I would seriously rrecomend theses since they are nice, compact and easy to use.
Pros: Compact, Easy to use, Tasty
Cons: none
Would recommend: Yes
Reviewed by Freddie in Camberley on 28 Sep 2011.

Cant get enough of these
I first tried these when i was 13, and loved them since then i have them all the time due to me being in the British army i love all the rations in the box especially the treacle pudding, the biscuits are a bit dry but when you have them them with your hot chocolate they go down a treat . Although they changed the packaging on the chocolate bars they still taste the same lol. the only thing I will moan about is the chewy as it is always soggy but after a couple of hours in the field you don't mind lol. that's all I can say about the ration packs and they are unreal
Pros: none
Cons: none
Would recommend: Yes
Reviewed by Mark bellas in Sunderland on 24 Aug 2011.

Hit and miss
It seems it's a bit of pot luck what you get with these rat packs as there are various menus available at different times. I generally enjoy the main meals, and as another reviewer said you can just boil in the bag and eat straight from the pouch, so there's no messing about. Some of the biscuits are OK, some of them not. But if you're out in the wild and you're tired and starving hungry then these rations will taste fantastic!
Pros: Compact supplies, Main meals tasty
Cons: Some biscuits not good, Never sure what menu will get
Would recommend: Yes
Reviewed by Arnie in Scotland on 22 May 2011.

Very high quality
First and foremost, a high quality hydrated 24 hour ration pack, generally considered one of the best in the world in terms of taste and enjoyment (definitely better than the USA's equivalent). With regards to energy, they are top-notch too, with large amounts of megajoules, in the form of both soluble and non-soluble carbohydrates, as well as small amounts of fat - minerals, etc, also in balanced amounts. The Biscuit Browns do as intended; clog your system, and prevent the need for squatting when “in the field” (although usually regarded the least enjoyable aspect, I personally feel they are adequately edible, considering they need to be dry and fiber-ous to serve their purpose. The chewing gum is really useful to quench thirst if low on water (although it is almost always advisable to drink more than you think you need) and pass time, the matches are high-quality weatherproof and the tissues are useful for when you've not been eating the Biscuit Browns! The boiled sweets are also very useful for a nice glucose burst of energy, and sweet tasting self-motivation - or to bribe others! Not forgetting all the other things (chocolate bar, brew kit, hot chocolate, oat biscuit, etc) that I have neglected to comment on, all high quality (the oat biscuit is very sweet). Note: Many people seem to forget; just boil in the bag! And eat out of the bag too: don't mess with cleaning cooking equipment and plates! Just put bag in water, boil, peel open, eat, clean fork, clean burner residue, store rubbish.
Pros: Boiled Sweets, hot drinks, etc.., “System Clogging” Buscuit Br, Both “burst” energy & slow-b, High energy, 17.1 MJ 4,061 Kcal, Best in the world main meals
Cons: May be too large to pack it all, Not enough chocolate, Buscuit Browns unpopular as dry, Old-style energy drink unpopular, Not enough “Pros” in this fo
Would recommend: Yes
Reviewed by Matt in United Kingdom on 20 May 2011.

Didn't live up to the main meal
I really enjoyed the main meals and the pudding but on the other hand i thought the biscuits was very dry even with the paste and the flavour of the paste didn\'t compliment the meal.
Pros: And the chocolate was nice, Enjoyed the sweets, The pudding was nice, Main meal was delicious
Cons: Biscuits was too dry , Paste was horrible, Needed more chocolate and sweets
Would recommend: Yes
Reviewed by Westy in London on 20 May 2011.